Meal Sniping and Freeganism

This is odd to see to those unaware but let me say this. A lot of food that would be perfectly fine is thrown away and if people really need food after everything else if they want to take the risk and maybe swallow a bit of their pride. What this will also go over is another group of people that may be part of the homeless or not and that is the freegan movement.


A burger like this would have been great when I was homeless, it was my entry in the better burger contest. 

Freegans come from the words free and vegan and not only stay away from animal products as well as any products that may have been made using sweatshop labor or other circumstance. This group takes that a belief by recognizing that the market driven by a set of morals they find reprehensible. Some may find this bizarre but to them it is the best way to go and as long as it does not hurt them it could very well be just something those outside their vision just may not understand or agree with. In short if you do not like them do not make yourself into a horror story of theirs.

Now, it is not the best way to get food doing this, but when the cards are down it will get you enough calories to get by, maybe while it is still a couple days out for a food bank possibility or of your food stamps kicking in, or of a paycheck. Fast food is has plenty with the small nibbles that people take often being the only part that would be wrong with it.

Granted, I have not done a whole lot of this, but I do know people that did so I am bringing it more from those who I talked to as well as the small parts to add to this article.

Now when you decide to go the timing and place will be important, as you do not want someone to come up behind you pouring a half drained drink over what you just darted your arm in to the can to get easier version of this would be to as they have just buss the table. Separate trash and consumables and just plain trash. If you do this in a fast food area you may have better luck to begin with, but it can be done any place large portions of hot food are being served to customers. When this is done in food cart areas there is more then decent chance that someone will be fishing through the trash eventually.

One reason depending on what state you are in is the bottle deposit. That is a fee based on the container of soda or beer that can be reimbursed by either returning the container to specialty marked facilities or back to the stores, depending on law. Short version on this is you can either get a dime, or a nickel for every container that counts within those areas and if possible is a way to get some funds quickly.

Back to the whole meal sniping if you are just in a fast food area, they sell soda in cups and often no deposit, but that is a factor to help you decide where to go if you need to. From what I have seen you can go longer collecting more food at a good food cart location but it comes with more people digging.

In fast food you need to buy something to often stay there but you can take your time and get used to it and maybe get a refill or two it because it doesn’t have to be a rush when you eat .Pick up something for later and soon feel like you have enough.

Sometimes areas won’t have dumpsters to single areas often behind a simple gate that could be simple enough to get into provided there are no watchful eyes. This kind of works into freeganism because supermarkets will often wont have people watching and especially at night. When checking dumpsters of some other areas there has been a growing step taken by some including some pizza places that before tossing the food out that it would be sprayed or drenched in bleach making the thing unfit for human consumption.

In short as with anything there are risks and rewards so if you need to I hope this helps and if you want more information on the freegan movement link will be below. Get hungry, get full and stay strong.

What is a Freegan?

Donation vs Investment

One of the biggest things that drove me up wall when I was homeless is beggars. ( I wrote this when still homeless) Begging to me is just telling everyone you gave up and you expect others to come pick you up because life is hard. I never begged and I won’t support those that do.

“No! Really? Life is hard?“wonka

I thought it was sunshine and rainbows that gave me nerve damage. Life is and will always be hard and unfair and if someone says they will make it far then you will most likely see someone’s heart get chewed up over a small period of time.

Snark and sarcasm aside, and I use mine because it helps me not got crazy. Life will be hard to those in this situation, that is just the truth. That is a fact and you can take everything that can be learned and it will still be difficult. What will change is how you will answer the call. Responding is the only difference you are in control of and how it will effect you, and it would be smart to make it work for you and not against you.

One quote I think of comes from the Yakuza games.

“As long as I’m alive, I’m coming back for more.” Daisaku Kuze

So is there an ‘actual difference’ between what the two are when you are homeless? In my personal opinion when people ask for donations you look much different than being what I would call an investment, so yes.

Donation types are the ones you see with a sign asking for money. When people think of the stereotype of the homeless. Unwashed and wasted they are often only halfway in reality while the world spins. They do nothing, they complain, they do everything just to get by but nothing to succeed. Survival on the day to day is point one and making their own life easier. People do this when they have lost all hope and it is only when they hit rock bottom. Sometimes people will give them food and money as they sit on the sidewalk while people walk by. What gets me to be so anti-begging is that while I was in college some people would often get their rattiest clothes, beg for change, and use it at the bar while actual people who needed the help looked more invisible then ever.

Investment types are the own trying to peddle artwork, trying to sell something or maybe a service they are good at. They may not even be homeless but as there are while being homeless. In life there re donation types and investment types. What separates the two is numerous but one of the biggest is the unabashed effort they are putting in to turning their life around into becoming producing members of society or better producing members of society. Some may have jobs, some may even look homeless, some have side hustles, and plans to rise from their current post. When people like this continue to fight and learn under the weight of such pressure. It may seem harsh to say but more important then having hope is to what extent you will to defend it.

Now, something that should be stated is how everyone will have bad days. The most hopeful will turn blue for a good point. People may have to wonder how to get through such moments because all it takes is one truly bad day for everything in normal life to go off the rails.

One thing about a good portion of the the homeless is the clear failure of the ssi disability system, as I have gone over more in depth in another article here when I dissect the homeless population here.

Waiting for years so the system can try to shake you is a sad state of affairs. Disabilities cannot be hidden too well if they are physical so what is there may be easier to just take at face value.

Link – Who are the Homeless and Why SSDI is Important

Getting that money easier would allow more resources to successfully build their lives. That is enough of that if you want more on that specifically click the link above.

Let me explain a moment I had, I wish I had a twenty because I would have bought something.

One person had a real 4-d chess move and instead of standing on the small sliver of ground getting on the highway. Instead of a sign or begging like many others of the day he was creating beautiful pictures with either markers or paint pens and created some really awe inspiring work. If I can get a piece I will put it up here. This was a guy whose work could have been in any of the art shows in the city proper and looking like he had seen more worksites then anything and had spent the time learning his craft. Almost ironic was less then a block or so away on the sliver before the off ramp was the steeple of the largest Presbyterian church in the city.

Make yourself a better person and people won’t see the charity, but the investment that you made to be that better person will be its own evidence. It sounds tough but do it and you will find yourself coming back in to the society like a house of fire ready to go from the bottom and start rocketing up. Stay strong and try to be happy.

bobross meme

Used, Abused, Screwed, and What to do.

When you have nothing or when you only have a little something, I had to go through the painful lesson is learning when you were getting a legitimate offer of either food or shelter.

Living in a society like ours (INTL readers may feel absolved but do not worry because most of our cultures are guilty of some of this.) some people will try to take advantage of the less fortunate you must be your own best defense. Very few layers that would supposedly help will even approach your cases until there is a sure punishment from their bosses on file if they miss this. Part of that is gathering a lot of your own evidence to make that hammer fall on their head if they do not do their job. Don’t think people are there to help until results are produced and that will keep you ready. This does not mean to be paranoid, because some will want to legit help but understand your positions you will be low priority until you get back with more of a reason to help.

Government is much the same only many times they will try to whisper things to you to get hopes up while the majority of them leave your paperwork on a desk and forget about it. (This exact thing happened to me. I got called a liar until they got busted and even to this point that group as yet to help with a thing)

Part of getting by will be trying to take those the negative emotions and whether they are mostly sadness or anger and putting it somewhere where it can be more useful. This would mean you need a hobby and I have gone over that in different articles but the reason is here because a good number of people will be at their limit for this energy.

Finding out what what their emotional center is also important because simply put what looks like normal running to some would be stressed or out of personality to others. No worries not going flower power or losing what is left of my mind but it is a facet of humanity. What is specific though is that each person runs on specific emotional grounds as a center. You have seen it where some people are just happy or somber or angry because simply they have that emotion as their center.

Where your center is, is actually pretty easy to find. When everything is a basic day where do your emotions run. If you find your center is not where you want it then figure out what is needed whether a thought or memory and slowly work your normal to where you want it to be. For some this will be something you can only figure out after some serious thinking or meditation, but no booze or drugs while working this out. You will find that makes the path harder for the same payoff. Caveat, if you obviously have a doctors prescription then it will be more difficult, but the medicine is given to you by those with more education and work with them to help you.

You could have guessed by some of the other articles subject matter you will meet a cavalcade of personality types and not all of them will be friendly or law abiding. The best line of defense will be you’re own efforts. If you are not safe alone for the most part then find somewhere that has enough people that you can trust enough to rest would be good. This would also be a thought but essentially it is the reason some people sleep in broad daylight, because it is harder to commit crimes with the numerous more witnesses the day brings.

Trust is sacred because especially in this situation, the high damage it can do when held against you or broken to bits. Give it in small doses and try to remember that you live in a world where most people only learn because they have to and a good number will take what they can without repercussion.

Be careful who you associate with long term, but the situation may arise where the only options are a list of them ranging from bad to worst. Find something that you can use to defend yourself and hide quickly. You do not want to give the wrong impression to any of the normies.

Just because people are loud does not mean they will attack and using public areas to your advantage may be looked down by some but a good number of these people will be only a single paycheck away themselves from joining you on the street. If that gives you comfort in your darkest moments, do so and grow from it. Such things if they bother you then remember, you cant help others without helping yourself first.

Getting out is your first priority it is above everything what you need to know is the first step to almost anything else. Defend yourself according to your ability and decision making because it can be cruel out there some times. Stay strong in any case.

What to Pack When Going Streetside

Going from a home to homeless you may ask the how’s but if you find yourself in the situation of being homeless soon then there is really one thing you need to figure out.

Starting off what do you pack?


Dealing with being homeless is going to be stressful but here are some things you will need to take with you if you want to make your life easier. Granted this will be done where you do not know how long you will be on the street and where or when you can get out.

Clothes – Obviously important. The more changes of clothes you bring means the more weight you are carrying and the less space you can use for other things. I have found when you find someway for washing clothes, either three or four at most with one being a business change of clothes.

Towels – Useful things, thick cloth used to absorb water or other liquids that may simple one regular gym towel and another smaller wash rag is preferred. More active people may want two towels for clearing the sweat of your brow.

Cutlery – Something that if you don’t know then you will find out quick. Quality metal silverware at least one set of knife, spoon, and fork and this will be much easier as the plastic stuff breaks down much easier. Get a metal set and wrap it in the washrag to keep the points as safe and as tightly wrapped up as possible.

Can opener – There are a few models that are going to be capable whether the military version or the crank double handle. Grab something that can crack some cans you wouldn’t be able to access beforehand. Considering some of the best foods.

Rain Cover- Whether you buy it or you make it or have multiple layers having your gear dry is always good because as soon as mold comes in your pack it is twice as hard to remove without just tossing everything out.

Hygiene – These are your deoderant, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, tp, soap, shampoo, and other items of the sort. It is a good idea to get at least one set of backups as well so that when you use something up you can switch to the next one without any issue.

Blanket – Especially when you are dealing with the colder season or nights using it under the rain guard to help with keeping yourself safe whether made from wool or not as long as it doesn’t take all the room in your pack and it keeps your body warm it is a good pick.

Writing Supplies – Important for many different reasons. Cheap, light, and effective for taking notes because you will need to do so when getting out. I prefer mechanical pencils with graphite, erasers, and metal tips. Journals for the sake of being cleaner to work with. Use what you feel most comfortable though because regular pencils really just need a sharpener and that doesn’t add much space anyway.

Water Bottle – This is useful just to have whether you are homeless or not. It holds liquids and sometimes you drink from it. Those without a good one can use a Gatorade, Powerade, or other screw top bottles. It would be better to get one that holds temperature so you can enjoy different things like cocoa, soup, and iced tea. You want to better enjoy anything you can especially when it as simple as a nice water bottle.

Multitool – A leatherman or other tool, mine is Ozark trail but just a tool that can be useful for a lot of different situations. Just one that you can get a hold of, use well and keep packed and put away when you do not need it.

ozrk trail

So you got all your gear, but you got extra space? Remember that you will also carry one thing that will be your biggest addition of weight. This will also be difficult because without refrigeration you often are eating cold food for the majority of your time. Cans add up very quickly to the weight you carry if you are not careful adding too much can work against you.

If you want to take anything like a laptop or phone make sure to take your cords as well because without a charger then many items will be useless. Stay strong everyone and pack smart.

Who Are the Homeless?

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Sorry for not typing the past week, I had a hard set of muscle and tmj spasms that left me pretty much drained for anything. Anywho, back to work.

city man person people

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It seems a lot of people would answer the question as simply those who do not have a home, that would be correct but it would not serve to help us define how to get more people off the streets. Others may define it as simply those who choose not to work, and another group may simply define it as just those hard on their luck.

Getting an answer that we could use to help define policy that helps make both sides happy we need to in turn break down the population and from this point I will be clear as being part of an urban scene that this is from what I have seen and from talking with others. Percentages may be different where you are but the existence of the groups, you will find to be a fact. These are the four groups that people fall into and while some may fill the capability of more then one, the one they fall into is the one that is actively stopping them from moving forward.

Some would just pour obscene amounts of force and money in to the problem hoping that would it take care of itself and often because of that infusion not being thought of properly doing more damage then good. Those who learn martial arts may hear the ringing of technique over power and in this case that is correct the technique of how to do I will do much more then just a raw resource using blitz. If we wanted to help the different areas that make homelessness what should we do?

Picture for a moment 100 manikin in a blank room and this would be our scene for the breakdown. Most would be male about 4:1 for an urban setting and by race it would break down as African American being more at risk per person but the majoirty of the homeless being white. White, African American, and Mexican Latin will have close numbers by percentage so lets for the sake of easy numbers go 65 white, 25 Latin and 15 African American. The reason for these numbers as coming out of Portland, one of the whitest cities on the west coast and of the US overall the number of representatives for certain races in the city is lower because simply put the numbers are not here.

According to the 2020 Census at 77% of the more then 630,000 being white and a mere 5.8% being black you can tweak the numbers even further. The point isn’t about the race or the dynamics of patterns in who becomes homeless. ( That is another article)

100 manikins 25 female, 75 male, all of varying race, most are White for those who like that data. Mine is 100 kitchen appliances, 25 toasters, 75 blenders and a variety of brands represented. This is how I do not go mad during these little mental exercises, make them preposterous as possible. What they are are not important here as the categories they fall in out of these four areas where if you invest in a thoughtful manner you can take off a large portion of the homeless population.

I have found in my experience that these four areas are the ones that really make up the numbers of the problem and in doing so we need to break some of these areas down to fix it and starting from the smallest is the group that cannot be saved. This is the group that prefers to live off of benefits and sleep in parks because they think it is the best way to live. I find not a whole lot are in this group, and by taking the other three groups to fix up the last one shrinks from lack of needed supplies.

Next group, is what some automatically think when thinking about the homeless, or at least of the pitiable down on their luck stereotype of one. One-offs as I have termed them are simply those were living paycheck to paycheck and either got underwater on their cost or despite best efforts, honesty, hard work and what not they have found themselves on the street. These are going to be the easiest as most may need a basic financial class for knowledge and to keep their job and they should be at least on the path to get out of it in a timely manner. Out of the previous hundred think about ten for those who just like being homeless and another fifteen for those who are just one off.

Next would be mental health barring addiction as the main problem. It will account for the second biggest slice of the pie and be more then the other two previous. Forgetting this over the past couple decades has made a lot of people need help and either unsure where they can or so far gone they are lost in the real world where no one can help them. Some of these points are going to be made for the sake of helping the most people possible and may still be uncomfortable to deal with. Beds help but counseling and work programs would do more to the businesses and to the people in the program to help deal with some issues. For those severely ill we need to start drafting a better version of the mental asylum, and it needs to be done by either state or local levels. Federal level had between the 1960’s and now had been signed more help and taken away enough times by both parties that it has been a problem . Simply put those with severe mental illness unable to handle themselves have nowhere to go as a starting point and that is what these places need to be for a great number of them, a starting point to get out of the habits and thought processes that do damage and instead give them the tools to best handle their mental problems.

The last and the largest chunk of the pie is those addicted, mostly to either drugs or alcohol specifically. It is not a great shock that with all these autonomous zones the homeless off on a drug trip can be seen in pictures. Sherlock Holmes, this does not take and the reason is simply put they are chasing a high and would rather do anything else then get themselves clean, depending on what they are on they need help to do it safely. This answer would not be the most popular but I do feel it would be the most effective.

First, give people a chance to understand that treatment is available, and if another charge is found where they have drugs or are using again, then we take it up to a light sentence with mandatory counseling. Something light, long probation to maybe six months in jail. Finally, if after two tries they are not getting the picture then you must make the environment difficult to do such things and nothing is more so then a hard prison sentence.

Some will need a big mallet on the head to get it through and some even then will not agree they should get off such things, but at some point ultimatums need to be made and after two tries with more positive methods the most negative could be the best and this would be a year to five based on how much drugs and number of consecutive charges befitting. Let us say they come out one more time and jump right back in it, minimum 15 years, this is the deterrent to make sure those who are on drugs either get clean or get out of town. Unfortunate that these things are needed, but free use areas, letting people sit in their own filth and having groups colonize the sidewalks is simply not working.

Investing and changing those things could help a heavy majority of the people needed as well as free up the beds and supplies normally taken by addicts and the mentally maladjusted to leave for the one-offs. It solves problems and allows the supplies to help more. In any case that has been this topic, stay strong everyone.

If anyone does not like this, and can come up with a better plan, please comment it I would love to go over it.

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Packing or Camping

Something important when falling into the homeless situation is how much you will take with you. If you have an issue carrying an amount of weight, don’t worry because that will be taught to you by life and boy she don’t give mercy. What you carry day to day is going to define how mobile you are.

Camping is where you do not carry everything and try to make a spot to sleep and live in peace leaving behind some gear that is not needed every day. Extra clothes, spare tools or utensils, bedding, and repair materials all could fall into this. This way means you can carry more back for comfort with more of a base in mind. Downside though is you are going to be open so thieves are more then likely and cops will be trying to move you out. Honestly, unless you have a car to make it a rolling base, I would not suggest it until it is your only viable option because the cons make a lot more problems and security

Many risks come up when you do not have full line of sight on your stuff one being how other people may swipe your gear. When dealing with your camp try to find somewhere close enough to travel to town while still being far enough that the risk of anyone getting into it stays as low as possible. Thievery aside be aware that making camp in many areas is either completely illegal or looked down upon heavily and the worst thing you can do while homeless is burn bridges. Police in some areas have to give 24 hours notice so if you need to camp then learn the laws of the area. Even if the police break down your camp you still have rights to your stuff that would be taken in. Still as it can be seen that you may want to stay away from camping. The best possible plan is that if you could couchsurf a schedule every so often so you don’t need to wear out your welcome maybe you can place a small amount of your stuff at each point and still have the ability to travel lightly.


Ye olde pack again.

By the way this article is set up I do prefer the pack set up. It has its own negative points like how much can you carry, how can you pack it and actively thinking about what you will take. It will be more of a workout and if your pack isn’t stable it could be a problem. Going from place to place leads in to some other problems as well one being your physical ability to move around, with my issues I had to use a cane to begin with. Using public transport also will most likely have a limit of stuff you can and if you need to my suggestion is to learn the rules because there will be some that will argue it as lower to make their own lives easier. Knowing the rule keeps them honest but it also gives a hard cap and without an area to lay your head it could be difficult.

Going to public transport for a moment the one I use keeps me to either four grocery bags of normal size or two pieces of luggage and a carry on bag or backpack before anyone can deny me I have to be over that limit, and I found they did not define the size of the luggage. So a large hiking pack and an army mail bag with my backpack would give me the space and the ability to carry.

If you noticed I didn’t actually use a suitcase or rolling case, and that is also important because the kind of bag will be instrumental in figuring out how you get stuff from place to place. The heavier the pack the harder to carry. The combination of backpack and old military sack gave me a fair amount of options without worrying about corners and hard cases. ( picture of it here)

Going the carry route means you have to find bags that can hold up to the strain. Rolling luggage breaks easily for the comfort it provides rolling on asphalt and cement and it is harder to control if there are cracks or potholes. Organization of how you pack will be important and by a small amount of time you will be great at tetrising everything with as much space left over as you can get. It will have bearings on how and where you can go and how you will even travel.

Tetrising – The act of packing so that everything takes up as small a space as possible.

English is the chaotic neutral of languages. I make up my own words sometimes.

Sleeping with your bags is going to be hard but doing so with make any attempts of people trying to grab it that much more difficult. There are some places you can put them that may also add to your own comfort since pillows can take up too much space if you try packing them. A soft bag can work well though and a back pack could be used to keep your feet up turning any slab of sidewalk or bench a touch closer to a bed. In this article it could seem like a lot, but that just shows how important it can be. No matter what you pick there is a lot to keep in mind so stay strong.

Homeless Food

DSC_0096A picture of my pack, the green bag and the new blue one are close to the same size, but they show you the dimensions of what you are working with, and what I had to lift.

The biggest contributor to your pack weight will be of course, unfortunately food.

Cans will add up the pounds very fast and as it is the main form of food storage. Aluminum is the most common material to house food and often times if you have no place to cook then you will not be able to easily get things like microwave dinners that may be lighter but without equipment won’t provide what is needed. Things in glass will often be at risk without some packing technique involved.

Campers may have a bit more luck keeping things from breaking at camp but the trade off will be the security of such items, because of some other people see some food or expensive items out you may as well sign it goodbye as someone else will steal it.

Food banks when you go will often fill our bags to the gills so make sure not only do you get food but you get a power lift workout which you need sometime after so many calories. Hauling it in a car will take some muscle and hauling back to wherever you live in a forest or thicket of blackberry vines.

What will be some of the things eaten going from the homeless population.

Cereal – Whether in bags or boxes this will be away a good number of the homeless get some form of nutrition it is easy, often light and needs no cooking with a variety of flavors to keep from getting boring or maddening.

Premade meals – Despite microwave meals being out of play for a lot what is made but the supermarket deli’s and boxed up kept cold in the refrigerated case will be something that will not be common, but it will be enough to give some difference and sometimes more protein. That can be rare in cases because most of the protein sources will be hard to carry without refrigeration.

Chili and soups – Despite being in cans this can be either something that gives a meal right out of the can as long as it isn’t one that needs dilution. One of the things that can provide vegetables when you are out in the rain.

Sandwiches – Something you can make to give you a couple days because food fatigue will make you go even madder after a period, ask anyone who has had to eat the same thing for months, it can make you do anything to get something new. Pb and J or hand and cheese, tuna with green onion was a favorite of mine.

Wraps is another thing that can be tossed in under the sandwich rule despite what I feel in them holding all the fillings better. They also follow a couple other rules really in both cases you will want to follow these rules

No produce is going to be on it if it will be held for a while. This is about time and when you have a bunch of things that could be sitting in a plastic bag for a few hours at minimum and a couple days tops there is a lot of things that wont work including most greens. Onion isn’t the worst and neither are bell peppers under any chance if you put anything leafy on them when you make it then you will have to remember to eat those quickly. Remembering to not do so may leave you meeting slime leaves in what would be in else wise delicious and filling meal.

Meats are something else that may give you a few more unexpected options as often many will be cooked through for the sake of cleanliness, giving it a longer food life, and less spoilage. Chili falls back into this as it is often cooked through before canning no matter what the brand is.

Fruit in cans often is bound with either syrup or juice and depending on what it is you can still use it. Juice will be a refresher giving you stamina at times when you are feeling tired. Syrup from fruit cans I often use to sweeten jars of peanut butter for a little different flavor. One of those things to make it more palatable. Either of the options there always things to do with it. Drink it, mix it, make dressings for other things. The only things that will stop you is imagination and equipment.

Even after getting some food you still need to break up the monotony and sometimes fast food fits that role with often discount deals and helps bolster use by use of restrooms and a warm bright place to eat. Readers can figure out why this is a bad thing, whether it be sugar, salt, or fat you do have to use it as a spice and not the building bricks of your food.

Working with food allergies in these situations will me immensely worse. The problem is that many of the items that will be easiest to eat will be also those made in places that are not making solely that one item. This is how some items that have no ingredients of say soy for example will still have it as a warning. Machines may work on soy without working on that specific item. For example fish, nuts, eggs are all things that could also be under this set up of not in the item but still being worked on by the machines in later moments. For those looking often any food warning will be near the nutritional info saying such.

Nutritional information is on the label to the side of the logo and is in a table breaking down different values like carbs, fat and protein. Often time if it says supplemental info then it is not available to be bought with food stamps. Another little piece of info often in the same area would be the words “cooked thoroughly” Often on meat products this means that whatever is in it has been cooked to a point safe for consumption. Finding tat the special burger patties had been precooked allowed me to make a pretty awesome patty melt out on the benches that I would make warm when possible.

When you have the chance see what is cooked thoroughly, one thing often is Chef Boyardee food is cooked thoroughly meaning you can not only eat it but the use of pop top lids means you do not need to have a can opener. Lunches and snacks when you go to work will have to be often done out of deals or shopping out of the discount rack. Keeping track when the supermarkets nearby put things on discount will give you the best chance for good options because while packing or camping you will often not have food for long.

If you can work out a safe space to put non spoilable food, it would behoove you to do so. This means you can collect at more opportunity leaving you to also have somewhere to drop weight but in doing so you will lose money for the storage if you have no other options. Always something to think about.

In any case, stay strong and keep going on.

Protests and the Looters

I did have another post lined up but considering what has happened I felt this was needed. What happened is not in question in that is an absolutely idiotic move with a group of co workers that should have corrected it quickly. I haven’t read anything or found anything that signed especially to racism, but just to sheer stupidity, and boy the officers here were dumb.

Here is my problem though, the whole claiming racism being institutionalized,but without a set array of data and without a target it holds no water. I have seen discrimination, some of my own worst memories came from being discriminated for being raised as a white catholic boy. Not getting mad because other races didn’t help, but instead making sure that I would learn from it. All for when I can break some of the bricks that build into such horrible situations that instead of focus less rage there is a target and a start to break these things down.

The sad thing is you can be mad and claim how something is not in your favor but that doesn’t do anyone any good. Really changing something, you need to break it down in to blocks from relevant data and take each smaller objective on brick by brick. The whole changing an Instagram picture or Facebook picture does nothing without an action. Being emotional thinking the world is out to get you doesn’t do anything but get people to start to ignore you.

I may do more writing on that later but there is a specific end of the riots that got me to think because we are going in to a pandemic issue that did incredible damage to people and to a lot of people’s livelihood and this brought up something. There will be a lot of people I fear that is gong to be homeless after the pandemic with many businesses closing and the whole thing of businesses being hit in great number in riots has done nothing to make me think otherwise.

This is more of an off the cuff writing and to put it simply, to the looters, who think they have the right to steal and break things who come from all races and only have a streak of finding opportunity in chaos, fuck you. Protesters who are just trying to do that and protest now have to look and see their work chained to your damage. Stores will look at this and after the whole pandemic this will be the killing blow to the business. Less business, less jobs, less money, more people on the street.

You can hate the police and granted a lot of them are no friends of mine, but it is a job that still needs to be done so before anyone wants to say kill all police make sure you have a really good plan about who would replace that. Otherwise you are just emotional static at high volume and that does no good.

For those close to homelessness or completely homeless, when it comes to a riot they are groups of people put in between a rock and a hard place. What would normally be safe turns on to its head, some of these people are drugged up or down. Others can be trying to silence the voice in their head or try not to panic and then we got a bunch of yelling vandalizing yahoos. There may be more violence if the homeless feel their camp or their own safety is at risk. Majority of the homeless have something to give them an edge in a fight and the citizenry may not be ready for that.

This entire situation is just bad, it has shown the worst parts of being a person and for any real progress to be made we need to start breaking down the problems down to pieces we can look at, research and verify before getting our eyes as a people on the goal and getting it done.

Keep on and stay strong.

Rage Against The Scene

You may notice that this, being homeless is all very infuriating. No one gives you a chance, and seeing my family and hearing how they would boast about taking bets when I would give up my dreams of a better future and come back groveling, well let’s say there had been moments where by a slim margin I didn’t practice a swan dive from a parking garage.

It sucks that people say ‘because your white, your male, your late twenties to early thirties’ and think there are much more deserving. However, one thing through all of that I found is that making it out shown me a lot of people just want to be left alone and survive. I wanted to thrive. I wanted to make the world better. I wanted to do enough that my statue stood somewhere and people looked at it as a simple sign of what being a stubborn man with a goal can be. Others are going through this or painful things like this, one may be reading this, and let me put it simply, there is a way out, it is hard, it is painful, you will have moments of doubt, keep moving. Do not let others give it to you, but you go and take it because you could be on the outside looking back on what you survived.

This is somewhat long but this is the point, being handicapped, it sucks, but it is up to you to find ways use it and get something positive out of it. I wake up and realize I may die today. Death will have to work for it and until that moment I’m going for it all the anger the pure rage capped off by that time where I was no more then trash by so many, I use that. Not towards people, they didn’t know, but to the idea, the simple thought process that was so cold and cruel to me and so over bearing to others.

Coming where I come from people will say that anger is unhealthy. It all depends on how you use it and if you are in control of it, or is it in control of you. I am the angriest person anyone will ever meet, but if you met me in person, you wouldn’t think so.

If you have anger issues, and I have had many before I got it under control during the time on the bench than let me teach you something that was very valuable. Do not be mad at people, people are malleable, they learn, they do try, but that does not meat you can not be mad at an idea. Be furious at the idea of you remaining homeless or getting homeless, be furious and make yourself the promise that when you get out it will never happen again. No matter if your family tries to take you back, or others try to demean you, or life just seems to tough to continue, you can do it and you can take the anger and talk to people but you can get downright dirty breaking down ideas to dust.

Also, I am going to do something I have had to learn to do a little better since the nights on the bench, and that is ask for help. I hope you are all enjoying me getting into this again, but if you noticed I do not have my Twitter, I will not be on Twitter due to it is a complete madhouse and I have enough chaos in my life to invite more and make myself sicker about it. Instagram will be more about overall projects

There is a lot that needs to be said and I think it is time for me to start making some waves and working with more people to do it. If anyone has any suggestions then I would love to talk shop.DSC_0024Here is a picture for those who need it look at be calmer.

Handicapped and Homeless- Prepare for Hard Mode

Warning this goes over some graphic moments, I warned you.

Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday.  My neck had been really acting up and trying to give it some time to rest I decided to lay down all memorial day and it got me to thinking. After applying some Bengay just to get me to not notice the pain and after a look through of my articles I realized there wasn’t anything just what was the difference between healthy and handicapped while homeless.

Short version of that is just life is harder, there are no major benefits or charities at least in my area targeting handicapped homeless. That means a lot of them have to get the jump on everything versus other homeless that are physically healthy. For your information my body has nerve damage throughout resulting in about half my nerve function to be gone and resorting for me to walk with a cane. It didn’t matter when I tried to get help. Everyone had some one else they would rather help out more.

Dental, if you could get on state insurance and manage it, well you have clinics deny you as the Virginia Garcia Clinic in Cornelius denied me because they needed to take…

“Women, mothers and family are allowed to come in as customers at this time, unfortunately we are not taking any men.”

When my teeth broke, for various reasons, that meant I had to pull pieces out and the only way that could be done was the pair of pliers on my multi tool.

ozrk trail

This is the model of mine, an ozark trail multi tool, could be better but as served me well.

Trying to get help for housing I had gone to one charity that during my meeting I had passed out and had to be removed via ambulance. Keeping their eye on the ball they preceded to leave the paperwork on a desk for two weeks before sending it back and saying after they had stamped it, that I had never done it specifically that I could not be verified and needed a letter fro ma vocational rehab counselor. That letter was the first page of what was sent back You know it is bad when even a Vocational Rehab counselor was calling it bullshit when she is trying to be the calm presence.

Disability, something that is supposed to be there for people who meet the requirements had been so stymied in the area that the first meeting with a full breakdown from a neurologist at a specializing hospital, and a head of ER backed with other nurses, counselors, and another federal board looked at it saying clearly disabled. Meanwhile, SSDI ruling came for me last time and said I could go in to production. This is despite passing out at times, low blood pressure, can’t feel most of your fingers and some days different pieces of your body feeling like its tazed or on fire.

I have heard this from thousands of others and the disability I asked Senator Ron Wyden and he did not have an answer. People afterwards shook my hand and thanked me for those who had issues and who died waiting. The senator had no answer, but we did get a picture together, and if you check my instagram, you will find it, lost some fat since then bulked up a little, less facial hair, but it is still me.

When you are handicapped and homeless prepare to fight against the world. Work to show them of what a homeless person can do. Through the process you will find your mettle as well as your ability to continue.