Have To Say It

Damn it.

Well, we are going to do this.

Donald Trump has been brought in under suspicion of 34 charges of business fraud. A lot of people are cheering that he will finally be caught, but here are my thoughts. I am not a lawyer, but there is a lot of business woven through this so just my thoughts from a loudmouth.

Considering this is based around a time almost a decade ago. They have to prove that he falsified records with the intent to commit or conceal another crime. Here is why I am not holding my breath.

First, this man whether you love him or hate him, has one of the biggest war chests available. Prosecution can’t push out the clock like they can with those with less funds, he can afford and will afford to make his case as easy to fight as possible and from the D.A’s own office it comes down to three main charges.

Now, one thing we need to make clear before going any further is there are thing that may not meet moral standard, but are legal. One is it is not illegal to pay someone if they have an unflattering story about you, that is why often in many settlements it cannot be talked about. Just from the D.A the first of three three major points is not going to hold well.

Going to the third, there was already a special counsel who got in trouble for doing this paying an adult film actress $130,000 now one can have two people be charged for the same thing, but if the payment was handled by counsel, and trump just said to get it paid, then that would most likely be on the counsel and not on Teflon Don. Which leaves the second point.

American Media Inc, they admitted what they did was unlawful that they made false pretenses to take that money, but the issue as it stands is not the payment of the money, but how it was received. That would be a problem on AMI, not Trump.

In short I doubt he gets anything more then a fine, and that is if that.

It is legal to pay for people with negative stories for their silence, it is legal to hide it, it is not moral. What is not moral. That a case this honestly soft would be brought forward. It smacks of a last minute throw at the end of the game, because the state of New York basically just said to the guy who could say is a master of loopholes that they know the rules better then he does. Considering How the State of New York is handling their own businesses I would think will be a calamity. You know what this also does though?

How many republican groups are watching this and are taking notes on how to do this better because some of the states of many democratic presidents can now dredge up the past for the exact same thing, and most likely with more chance for success. Never teach your enemy and right now the class is in for those who have backed Trump to any degree and I can tell you a lot of people are taking notes. Let us not even go into political bias, because when CNN has to do a survey and even most of those people see this as being a political biased then we are taking a turn down some bad moves. For those who are happy to see the political pressure brought down in law then you cannot under any condition complain when the republicans are deciding to start with the D.A of the case.

Never, ever, EVER train your enemies. While you will get first chance at the idea or tactic they will be able to see you bumble through it and they can watch to see mistakes they don’t need to make. That would be making their efforts overall more fruitful.

Back to three major moments. The second is really the only thing that would be the best chances of the three, but remember there are still a lot of questions to answer, like when did Trump specifically do the falsifying of records? Because my thought is he would know just to tell someone to get it done and have them do as they need to do without his knowledge, he is given plausible deniability and if that is the case there could be grounds to see him innocent on all charges. On top of that considering how long it has been since the charges there is a possibility that it may have been too long, we shall see on that.

For any charge, any single charge the case needs to be locked up, air tight, in the ocean, shot with a full drum of ammo and blesses by several preachers, because if there is any crack, any chance it will be looked it with the best eyes money can buy and it will be seen as weakness. If Donald Trump gets out of this without a serious sentence (prison time), then I feel the party behind him will be galvanized enough to push him to a second term. Not the D.A the bad press, or those who hate him with such vitriol will stop it.

In other news, my knights are in the playoffs for the Stanley cup. Small positives.

Stay Strong.

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