Card Game Thoughts part 1

So I am working on a basic card game all the details are in flux right now. But here is what the basics are going to be. Leaders are going to be the guys and girls that each player will use to battle towards their dreams. their are 21 to choose from and you have 61 units, 50 tactics and 50 variables ( tactics and variables are your magic and trap cards of you are have some time in yugioh.) If your general loses all their hp then you lose. Their are different ways to win including the instant win cards by having the correct creature cards out before playing a spell that calls for all of them to be out.

Right now it is just going to be a one time deal with enough to have some fun and if other people would like to add to it then fine. I may add some later. This will be just a card game people can print off and play if they don’t have the money to buy an official set I will need to get around to making. Generals will be with different abilities and hp you can use to make your deck better or worse.

If your general drops to 0 then you lose. Face down units are in defense, face up are offense. A lot of basic yugioh things may be apparent at the beginning. It will phase out after some testing because right now all of this is just conjecture and building the pieces. After putting it together more of the original things and things I had learned from other car games will all make their point there. Got a lot of the effects written out all of which need to be balanced. Then the art begins.

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