Blog Challenge Retrospect

This was a lot harder than I had originally thought. Doing different things each day was difficult just to the concept of what should be allowed. Doing this has taught me how to relax when blogging. I have been always a little uptight as could be seen from some of the first posts when I had no real idea how to handle things.

I always have a habit of wanting to try something then jumping right in quality be damned. I don’t think this will ever be a blog that makes me money. It was originally about my pursuits and my hobbies and it will stay that way. The over saturation of a subject on a blog can seem to me a touch like over saturation of your own market. When there are a million things about one subject in one place I think it would constrain me. In just this month we have gone over, writing attempts, game articles, Hufflepuff pride, NaNoWriMo, different story excerpts, Youtube channels, recipes, psychological terms, meanings of them in social circles, and plenty of sass and vinegar.

One of the other posts I will have is something a bit more emotional than my usual style of writing. I will try to keep it above my usual form of ranting, but no promises. Emotionally is a state I really do not talk about because it doesn’t have a whole lot of a place in my world. I can’t feel anything because other people need me to look at things to right the ship or be that pillar that people lean on when everything goes crazy. Doing that becomes quite tiring especially when you have to learn something on the fly or explain to someone that should already know their actions could go and hurt others.

That is a post for another time because if anyone has been keeping track I do have a couple left to go to make this challenge complete. MAybe, these things will change later maybe they will not. We will see then.

Nanowrimo Attempt 2014

So for those reading this I had tried to go and finish nanowrimo with nothing more then an old story a couple pages long and a wonder if I could. Between computer issues, personal issues and other things that made me lose my focus I got to just about 21,000 words. that does not make it a loss it just did not get to my goal in the time allotted so here are some things I learned about this so if any of my readers want to try it they are better equipped.

1. Basic outline – The easiest part of typing the story as far as I did was to take the pages and read them. Normally my writing is very rushed one to the next. Boom, boom, boom. Having an outline set allows you to have a basic form to go by and that form can change as you see fit but you would still at least have the knowledge of where thing a would connect to on thing b even if thing c and b don’t meet you can still make it in to a skeleton you like for your story.

2. Focus – Give yourself some time every day and leave yourself a note, write it in your schedule, give yourself a time where you can just sit down and write it out only coming out in the case of serious emergency or mob en route to your writing spot. In short let everything else go and just let it be.

3. Learn how you work – Often times each person has different things, little nuances that can make their own efforts easier or harder. Like me typing with my big ‘ole ham hands can be hard sometimes unless I either stretch or find a bigger key board which I don’t think exists in many places. Either way, knowing how you work and how to best play off the positives while hiding the negatives will make your writing time more breezy less enraging.

4. Go in with a vision – If it is to get rich selling books then that will be more on the problem of advertising and quality control which you can only do half of that while you write. If you want to finish a full novel as your goal then this is a great way to at least get a jump on it. If you do not do it in thirty days then you will have a major portion complete by the end of the month.

5. Finish the story – Even if you are serious about competing against the dead line then make sure you have everything needed nearby when you write. If you get down about not making the time limit then try to pick yourself up and finish the story. Because the worst thing you can do is leave the story half finished after you put so much work in it.