Even for a villain #ItsStillOkay

This was a little thing for the #ItsStillOkay writing challenge.

I have lost everything of value. My wounds weaved multiple masks of blood of the years as I tried to figure what to fight for. Hundreds of confrontations scar my form as the time passes me by. Opportunities given at will to those who have not earned it nor even wanted it just using it so someone else does not.

There is not heart left to love at the cost of everything. She was pulled from my life and left only a chillingly harsh realization of my situation. A return after my health, love, and faith are stolen is only a single important mission. Sitting in my bed letting the medications do as it was intended after looking at what I was. Trying to help others do what many would say is the right thing, and being called the moralist or the knight only for it to all fall.

Finding sickness after sickness claim me, and malady after malady take its toll that the mission is shown again. This world needs someone like me not for all the good people left needing to have someone like them succeed, but for someone to become the worst of the worst so that all the bad in the world will take their eyes off those good people and focus on their own survival.

Pulling myself up from my bed. It is all going to be for the mission one last mission to finish the job, finish the fight and maybe let those who got some peace make their moves. When I will fall those friends who left will be there and those still here will have their chance. For that and that alone when it finally happens it’s still okay.


So that be it. The challenge is linked below




The Meaning Of A Good Fight And To Be A Villain

This is not cooking or food related, but as of late it has been getting to me. So for those who are new to this blog or just me in general. Back when I was younger let’s say I was a bit more rambunctious at times then I really should have been. You don’t need to know everything, but back then I loved to get in to little scraps here and there. Sometimes they would be friendly, and other times they would not. You guys know how that is.

Then someone showed me what it really meant to fight for the first time. It was at a point of my life where I was debating keeping the door open on cooking. Masanobu Watabe. A perfectionist trained by a french heavyweight of the era he has had tragedy plague him at every step. He still had the pride to keep his head up and say he could still do it even going so far as to say he could do it himself. Normally you would be allowed two assistants, but how he held himself throughout the entire match made me think of him as the winner despite the verdict going the other way. He had to hear his painful moments brought to air in front of a worldwide audience. He held his ground when people would talk about his marital issues and his decision to keep going despite everything. I was so young back then, but I was inspired by his ability to deal with what I thought back then was a situation too painful to continue. He didn’t need to swing a fist or throw a kick or drive someone in to the ground. He fought to keep his composure and show everyone his love for the food he makes and how it can make people happy.

Well, a lot more happened and for those who do not know I love Pro wrestling. Yes, it is fake I know still don’t care because the stories and the personalities can be just as engrossing, as inviting as any other platform to tell a story. So brings us to the second man that showed me the meaning of a good fight and helped me understand a little more about myself.

He works in the WWE as William Regal. I tried to be the goody two shoes and I couldn’t stand myself. I cannot think the world will be at peace and stand up for all the goodness in the world as much as I want to see it win. He had faced alcohol and substance issues for many years and lost the chance to be a World Heavyweight Champion, but he survived and many years after claiming himself a “villain” he won king of the ring. He did it because he loved it, and he felt he could contribute something to it. Despite being a bad guy in his own eyes he helped me learn it is okay to be whoever you are. Learn from your mistakes and keep going was another thing I had learned and he was a major reason in that.

I am a bitter, jaded, angry sometimes brutal individual that wants everyone to be happy. Everyone has the right to be happy, and while I don’t know the best way to do it I will fight for it. I have never been arrested or charged with any of the idiotic things I have done and I am thankful. I learned the meaning of a good fight without having to pay a higher price for it. I learned it is okay to be a villain. I will be the guy in the black hat and hopefully someone has fun wearing the white hat.

Every so often I will have a story of some of my villainous acts. You may find them to be funny times of a kid who didn’t know anything and still doesn’t or stories about someone just trying to make a little sense about fighting for what’s close to heart.