Even for a villain #ItsStillOkay

This was a little thing for the #ItsStillOkay writing challenge.

I have lost everything of value. My wounds weaved multiple masks of blood of the years as I tried to figure what to fight for. Hundreds of confrontations scar my form as the time passes me by. Opportunities given at will to those who have not earned it nor even wanted it just using it so someone else does not.

There is not heart left to love at the cost of everything. She was pulled from my life and left only a chillingly harsh realization of my situation. A return after my health, love, and faith are stolen is only a single important mission. Sitting in my bed letting the medications do as it was intended after looking at what I was. Trying to help others do what many would say is the right thing, and being called the moralist or the knight only for it to all fall.

Finding sickness after sickness claim me, and malady after malady take its toll that the mission is shown again. This world needs someone like me not for all the good people left needing to have someone like them succeed, but for someone to become the worst of the worst so that all the bad in the world will take their eyes off those good people and focus on their own survival.

Pulling myself up from my bed. It is all going to be for the mission one last mission to finish the job, finish the fight and maybe let those who got some peace make their moves. When I will fall those friends who left will be there and those still here will have their chance. For that and that alone when it finally happens it’s still okay.


So that be it. The challenge is linked below




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