Plug – Adventures of the Ghost Rider

So my father recently started his own adventure riding across the country on his Harley.  All this was the epilogue after a painful loss in our family he decided to take the trip that he and his girlfriend were supposed to take. To help catalogue his adventures he has his own Facebook page that I will link down below and if you want to see what he is up to he does post his pictures from there.

He as to my knowledge has not done a whole lot of professional writing, but he will be doing some articles for the Harley owners group. More info will be on his page where you will find a lot of information about things he has found on his trip. Roller coasters will be big in the future of this trip as that was the main point of it when Tana was around.

I think it will be interesting to get to see some of what he does during he does during this cross country adventure.

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