Shattered Reflections – Excerpt

Hospital Rules and Back to School

Janet was in the hospital again, and I was being dragged out of school to show our support for another surgery where more of my sister’s innards would actually be put together properly.

I hate hospitals. Back then they were boring and dismal places that one would think would have something for people to do while waiting for something to happen. That is all that happens in a hospital though, waiting for something to happen. Pokemon Red would get me through the dullest moments plugged on top of my electric purple Game Boy Color. When it was my turn to see her while everyone was getting all emotional my turn had come with madre. While mom got all teary eyed over the next surgery and how she looked in the hospital bed because that scared Janet most of all.

She wanted things to seem as normal as possible while in the hospital, and seeing me like that the first time she had to ask if I was worried.

“Should I be?”

“Well I don’t think so, but everyone is acting like it is bad.” She wondered.

“People are stupid Janet, they do not think with logic.”

“Is that why people cry all the time in hospitals?”

“No, they cry because although it is a small risk it is still a risk. That and people are just stupid sometimes.” I rebutted.

“How come you’re not scared?”

“Because even the doctors say this is low risk versus some of the other ones in the hospital. I think if it were to happen then it would be on something the doctors are a little more fearful of.”

Playing through the safari zone for a Kangaskhan she wanted to have a Pokemon of her own. After madre got involved saying the next one I caught had to be hers. She would get to name it while my opinions got return fire out in the hall. Only for after a while we walked back in to see her acting like her dyed blonde ditzy self again.

“Bro, your not scared are you?”

“Nope, you will know when I am scared when I show up of my own volition, and not dragged here.”

“You really think I will be okay?” She questioned.

Putting down the game boy our mother watched Janet calm down as my answer was explained before being shepherded out of the room. Our father would be watching the next shift passing us before we left the hall. Madre just ruffled my hair while asking how things worked in my head before we started our way to the car. School was coming back, and it was better to be in school then be out of it.

Sylvia waited less then five minutes before hugging me in front of most of the class. Twirling lightly it was a bad dance we were inseparable again in the first week especially catching up about the various things of our summers.

The warm autumn sun and smell of decaying walnuts, her hair under my chin with the darker tones of her skin on mine before we giggled happily at one of our stupid jokes. We had a wonderful surprise as half of the school would be heading out with both of our groups in the same period. Thoughts of sleeping in the same campground made us blush slightly.

The happy kids we were catching up we would just enjoy the moment.

We even talked at night on the phone whenever we had the time. It was just better because we didn’t have set guidelines to our relationship. We were each others friend. We ere each others confidant. Just her and just me enjoying each others presence to the point that our other friends were comfortable. Everyone should have someone like that in their life, and it surprised me that she was happy with me.

Outdoor school was camp for two weeks with various activities supposedly to help us learn about the different sciences. It also helped us to keep our focus away from everything that we could have been doing. Walking in the forest with our counselor and teacher for different classes. The rest of the time we would go to the various extra activities where different cabins would meet up while different counselors supervised.

We would meet only a handful of times outside of lunch at camp wide announcements. One each week and whatever time we could see each other which was an additional four times. Lunch was something our groups would have in common and most of the time we would eat together. Other kids would always say we were like a married couple that would get a blush from both of us. Sylvia’s ears would go red in case any of her friends brought up any dream wedding plans always gravitating towards grabbing my hand while arguing with others about why she was blushing so hard.

While we were being driven back we would just sit and chat while the clouds began to darken. She had taken to training my Raichu while I wasn’t playing. Trying to catch her off guard one quick peck one her cheek got her attention turning towards me slowly before draping herself over me.

“Muk attack..”

The smile on her face as well as her proximity making both of us blush.

“You know for how often this happens one would think we were used to it.”

“Does it bother you?”

“Not really, I’m just sure we would both be over it by now.” Pulling her close to me we both could smile.

Wrapping my arm around her we both sat back against the window.

Hearing the clicking sounds of a camera woke me up. We were back at the school where I threatened one of my classmates about stomping the camera to dust before hearing them snicker off. She shifted on tome of me muttering how warm I was. Which took of all my strength not to face wide blush. Having her snuggle against my chest was my trigger to as my teacher would say “blushing so brightly he could be a substitute stoplight.”

Prom Kiss – Short Story


bookOur first kiss was nothing like the fairy tales we were read made it out to be. We did not have some basic chaste contact or even some lovey-dovey movie kiss. If people did not know of us they would think we hated each other. Neither one of us knew that we were actually close friends outside of school only deciding to play rivals while in it. We had a life long game of one upmanship while in school. A lot of the other students just wrote us off as the two best students who were rivals more caring about their own lives then ours. We were rivals, friends, and confidants when needed. Living revolved around each other to either better or get beaten by in our endless rivalry. When we made it back to our homes we would talk about one person got over the other.

Something changed at a high school dance after a long game just that year of different turns for both of us. Grades, sports, drama, debate all swung either my way or hers. Sometimes another kid would try to shoulder between us as the top two spots. Doing all these things at such levels made it impossible to get a social life even started. Some of the girls would ask me to dance though, and on the more energetic songs I would leaving when a slow dance cropped up.

During one of these cycles my eyes caught a familiar figure away from most of the students enjoying themselves. She was a in a simple blue dress with her thick spectacle resting on the bridge of her nose while her hair was maintained in to one long braid resting over her shoulder. Her posture screamed her usual disgruntled attitude while I was walking up. Pulling the cup from my offered hand it was hard to see her face with the light of the room being pointed on the dance floor.

“What are you looking at, spud?” Her noncomittal containing so much effort it almost seemed hypocritical.

“Someone else who is having a bad night, string bean.”

Being a little heavier in middle school she had thought since I was shaped like One I was going to be named as one. While since she was going to be lanky and had problems anything that was too physical she was nicknamed string bean. Our names for each other was never used as a flat out insult being obvious why we had gotten them.

“You aren’t having fun?”

Chuckling in to my cup I shook my head before mirroring her position.

“I love going to these things alone. Makes me feel that trying to do all this stuff is worthless.”

Murmuring a reply she soon stood away from the wall before draining her cup. Asking me if we could talk without her usual fiery bluster we made our way out. Draining my own cup in short order before passing the doors out of the cafeteria. Going on auto pilot to the the auditorium where currently only a handful of students had the keys to. Which was also to mean that we both were in that group.

“You know when you said that back there, I was wondering the same thing why are you still in everything?”

“So I can be the best, like no one ever was, to calm them is my real test..”

Her purse hit my fore arm before bouncing back in her lap. The song I had started my answer to effective in getting her to smile. Despite showing everyone a gruff exterior while we sat in the darkness she felt comfortable because I had lived within a couple blocks of each other. This made study parties easier to get going and swap notes at. When I say “Party” I mean egghead sleep over. Our parents didn’t think much of it as we never actually did anything. We were rivals and friends.

“Pokemon, Huh?”

I smiled widely in the light hoping my smile could provoke hers. Instead, she looked serious before looking at the floor again.

“Why are you doing this then, no one cares here.”

The little bit of light coming through the door barely made things less then complete pitch.

My smile dropped in the silence before explaining as succinctly as I can.

“So what, fuck ’em. I want to be the best. No matter what I end up doing and if you haven’t noticed these are the people competing against us for everything. If they think they can stop me from making the world better. Then they got another thing coming.”

Her single eyebrow lifted slowly wondering something.

“You really are buying in that you can change the world.”

“Of course, people don’t even try anymore. So how can they say it can’t be done. I just haven;t found someone to believe it as well.”

The last comment felt right to say, but also strange. I never thought of doing this with anyone. Not a whole lot of girls would even be able to keep up. Noticing how close she was my mind seemingly went ballistic for now reason. Her light pressure of her head on my arm something that has been done so many time I really had to wonder what was wrong. Turning lightly to look at here she seemed to be contemplating something behind those glasses looking down in to the black.

“I had a date tonight, you know.”

I did know that, but everything related to fact or reason seemed so very very far away.

“Sean Kingsmond, the tennis player. He got drunk off of a couple beer he has brought and tried groping me.”

Sean hadn’t been at the dance. Before I asked how she felt she continued.

“Got a handful of him and crunched them before he lowered a strap, how come most boys are pervs?”

His punishment made me wonder if that was in my foreseeable future. For as she wondered about others of my gender there was a slight energy that made me notice her more them what she was saying. Listening as best I could thoughts began to cloud my reasoning. Trying to figure how my emotions were before realizing that there was a blossom of something else there. Warming without heat it was very enjoyable to bask in while my friend was talking.

“ So after asking the limo driver to drop me off, here I am.”

Nodding in understanding the silhouette of her face was pointed down. Reaching over our embrace seemed stiff, but felt like someone turned on the heater. After a moment she had wrapped her own arms around me before sniffling.

“Can we stay like this for a moment?”

Her tone was soft, wavering in nature and furthest from her usual cadence.

“We can stay like this as long as you like.”

It could have been seconds or hours as we sat there before she moved. Pulling my legs out before sitting on them my snarky answer soon stopped somewhere up my throat. A warm slightly wet pressure fused my spine to the wall behind me while I wondered how we never tried this. My hand grasped hers as we practiced for a moment before breaking for air.

“Are you okay.” Her voice was strung with emotion.

“I don’t really know. I feel strange.”

“I do too. Good strange though or bad.”

Wondering for a moment her hand was still intertwined with my own.

“Like I want just hide you from the world so I can feel this again with us like this.”

Her silence unnerved me enough that it made it like I screwed up. Trying to get up though she had moved forward pulling me on my back her body was suspended on hands and knees above me.

“That’s what I’m feeling too. Tibbers.”

She was smiling wickedly. We both knew of League of Legends.

“Does that make you Annie, you may be lanky, but you’re not a 12 year old. “

Her eyebrow raised at the comment before settling herself directly over me.

“I’m not the curviest, true. But You make me feel so strange. Wicked like Elphaba and I will have to keep you Fiyero far away.”

“We are such nerds.”

The kiss was deeper then before much so. It started fires under my skin it made me go dumb. Sitting up with her weight made me want to feel her closer. Wrapping her arms around me she had begun breaking the kiss to nibbling spots biting lightly over points just hard enough to know. The pressure made something squirm in the pit of my stomach if she wanted this. My teeth sunk lightly into her flesh sucking on it enough to get her to seemingly brace for something. Pulling her close she clamped her lips reigniting a kiss it was less sweetness and more fire. After a few moments we moved back to necking just before she put her hand on my chest.

“We need to stop.”

“Why is something wrong?”

“No, that’s the problem. I want what comes next and feeling how something hard is currently poking me.”

Going from slightly out of breath to brushing red is a skill that for some reason got her to laugh. Before I felt a pressure through the fabric grab me.

“I want a round of good hard action too. But I want with someone who has been my boyfriend for a while” She took her hand off before laying it on her hip.

“That and we wouldn’t want anything to happy until we were both ready.”

Grasping her hands from her lap I rested my head on her shoulder.

“I need a cold shower.”

“One definitely sounds good right now, although it is good to know I have that effect of someone. “

Dusting myself off for a moment before looking back to here she had kissed my chin smirking before hopping lightly grabbing my hand.

“Are we a couple now?”

“Someone has to keep you in line?”