Portland, We Have A Problem.

Portland has exploded in terms of gun violence. It is one of the things that has may me want to breathe fire. I will be as neutral as I can be because honestly I do not think either side is the all evil. I will say however to anyone wondering that we have had Mayors we ran themselves as Democrats for 29 years. Bud Clark was an independent and his term ended December 1992 and the last Republican mayor was Connie McCready who was a female journalist who was mayor only after someone else died, and was the mayor during the St. Helens eruption. No shade there I just found that an interesting tidbit, and it may save you during a trivia night.

Point of the whole matter, what if you in front of your screen were brought with news that your home city had gun crime that had gone up close to 300% between two years. Some may ask, what are the details, and I will further explain. What if from January 2019 to December 2020 shootings gone up three times over, and on top of that reports are just coming out that this year in a single month we have had almost a hundred shooting incident in a month.

Those are from the City of Portland’s own tally. What if from 2019, to 2020 we went from almost 400 incidents to almost 900?

Knowing we are almost at hundred in a month we can break a thousand this year, and that makes me want to take the circus dive challenge in to a barrel of alcohol strong enough I would forget my own name. This is disgraceful.

Some may then bring up that the majority is driven by the police shootings.

There are some and even some errors made by some officers but they are in the clear minority versus everything else.

We are looking at a huge increase in gun violence and here is the problem. The number one move to get away from such things is move out, great for some, but what if you cannot, what if you are stuck. Portland has few positives right now but cheap and safe ways to move out of the city is not one of them. People are going to be more apt to fight, they will brawl and more people will be shot and it will be at the feet of the city commissioners and the mayor. Not about their politics, but about execution they have failed to such a degree that all of them should refund their wages back to the city and remove themselves in shame for the failure that their tenure has been. All of them, fail after fail after fail and now there is more blood in the streets then ever.

It is not just about shelter, it is about safety, and being somewhere where some can learn good habits and now, we as a state decided that having small amounts of hard drugs is only a fine. No one can tell me how this will actually help, so if anyone will volunteer such secrets I would be appreciative. Some say they have faith they know what the politicians in this city are doing. I trust them as far as they can throw me and since I am a card carrying member of the super heavyweight division, and I actually know a little about defending being thrown that ain’t an inch.

We as a city need to do better. Our homeless, our citizens, our people deserve better. While I tried to inject some humor in places how can anyone feel safe when you know it takes twelve minutes on average for police to help you in high risk crimes like shootings when you know when every second counts.

The world will get better but it will take time.

Stay strong and stay safe.

Fault Of Fact – Rough draft Excerpt

While the master sat he thought about the choice to be made. Itassis and himself had almost a storybook romance which would have brought humor in other times because both were very realistic learned people. Neither of them had really thought about love with both instead deciding to work on making their lands better for all. It was in that they had begun to bloom as a couple even spending a couple nights together in each others abode. His at the manor and hers at the main settlement. All of that were just memories as the happiness he was beginning to explore was taken away leaving only a cold ache where his heart would be.

Standing up the decision had been made. These people had hurt him enough that if he was not saddled with the family duties he would not have let it stand. Getting the attention of his wait staff with his action he had told Grast to being packing for a long excursion and to get the boat ready. Still in his grip he had only wished it to be true before beginning to talk while he began clearing his desk of the things he would want to bring. He would leave to go to her burial.

Hopefully, those on the other coast could forgive him for not protecting her. While walking out on everything was still difficult, it was no longer impossible. Being here to continue his duty would not be impossible knowing what the people took from him, the chance of help and the hope of peace snuffed

out left a void of despising loathing blackness where the mayor’s usually inexhaustible faith of the good was. Watching him stand all of the energy that usually defined him was nothing more then a smolder as if the fireplace had been uncared for while everyone slept, faintly casting embers upon his very soul.

“Sarah, do you know how long me and Itassis had been working on a solution for both sides? Do you know how long your lover just sent our whole land back because of negotiations and possible war?”

He ran in to her at full steam flying past Grast before sliding her up the wall. His teeth were clenched in rage while her hands were over his trying to break the seemingly iron grasp. Turning back the older man had to struggle just to try to break the grip.

“Young master, this is not what she would want. Please, Sarah did not know!!


Dropping his shoulders before turning around moments of her life mad themselves apparent in the stark moonlight. From the desk where both of them would work in to the night finding out ways to make everyone happy. The painting that caught her the first time they had met. The couch where they both shared their first kiss. He could remember how she smirked at his blush. All of it was gone now.

“Grast, I apologize. Go to the settlement, find her body and her belongings. Have it set on the boat. I am going to take her back home. Sarah, you will not be in my sight again. Just knowing what your husband did with the aid of the people in this village I cannot stand right now. Take the night off, now leave.”

The last words were a hiss while the young maid escaped from sight. Grast stood in the light of the doorway while looking at the young master. Silence seemed to stretch onward amazingly before his thoughts were finally verbalized.

“Are you coming back after the funeral?”

Walking by the eyes shown that he had not decided, as he walked down the hall it was clear that the pain had struck him deep. Hobbling to the nearest porters, he had to guess how many people would be needed versus how many were in any condition to ride. Taking the night air as he could it seemed like everything was careening toward a bad end.

“No. Grast I will not be returning. Turning to where Sarah stood he showed no emotion in the hazel of his eyes before continuing, I will not be known for the start of a massacre because of the idiocy of my people.