Homeless in Portland

Portland has an issue with the homeless situation and one of the biggest questions is how can we fix it?

To see how we got here we need to realize a few things, one is something people have been wanting to do and that is who is to blame for this whole affair and three parties once can look at Portland’s problems and all of them will lead to something that the citizens will not like to hear. Those three parties are the city council and all the people who had been on it since Wheeler got into office filling in for Hales when he left. Hales leaving by the way has got to be the biggest dodge this side of the matrix because if he knew it or not this cannot be tied so much to him.

Every city commissioner whether they were on before or came on after has to look at the major portion of the blame because for all the power and privilege they could not get any less done without a plan. Jo-ann Hardesty who ran on a campaign against the homeless boulder project trying to craft herself as their champion has shown to be one of the biggest failures to her position in recent memory from how she has bungled the riots with the rest, how she has not been able to get the educational capabilities up to the quality and despite asking for more power she has not been able to handle her normal business in position.

Ted Wheeler, is someone that I thought had to be trying to burn the city down, but since those moments years ago. I wish I could say his quality has also gone up but that would be a bit of a stretch by most standards and even his most ardent defenders have so little to stand on that any time dealing with them online would bring memories of screaming children as both would have no idea what the situation would entail and is just mad because they are on the wrong side of the emotional exchange. Let me say it clearly, I do not think the mayor of Portland is doing this out of spite. I think from his actions in an office he is either very emotional or very stupid and while not pure malice can sometimes look like it at times. His time dealing with the riots as they began, the attack on Andy Ngo, the clash of pro-trump and Antifa groups, the pandemic, the riots, and the side effects have been nothing but a complete failure and one where he still got re-election because the only other person running ran on a campaign dubbing herself the Antifa mayor, from the same group of people that the group never existed and it was just an idea.
So we have the city commissioners and two of the greatest hits among them, but we also need to look at the Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt whose work about trying to make the justice system fair has led to the most murders in recent history, the most gun violence in recent history, the most assaults n recent history and is such a rampaging buffoon I honestly think that Hitomi Tanaka or any other busty porn star with six weeks of training and an effort to do a good job will do better, and just for the record Hitomi Tanaka does not have a law degree either. Mike Schmidt will go down as the worst amongst everyone who has committed to the position and save for people trying to outclass his glittering capstone in the processes of legal failures upon a community I doubt it will ever be overcome. Under him, there has been a loss of prosecutors that Portland has ranked in the bottom third of prosecutors per 100,000 people according to KATU.


Few people would like to talk about how the police are just blaming without remembering one thing. In the setup, we have as of this writing and the one that has been used for the past decade or so the last word on the police department is the mayor. We have also lost enough police officers that even the Daily Mail is picking up the story and even did an article six months ago expounding upon it.


On top of these two parties in Portland’s power structure being as useful as a wet fart in a toilet paper shortage, we have to move on up to the governor of the state who could be outclassed by several things one may work within a day like a cheese sandwich, a pencil, the previously mentioned wet fart, and that is to name a few. Kate Brown could only be called a success if her goals were to destroy education, raise suffering and actively try to make everyone less skilled and more miserable. In that metric, she has actually done a half-decent job.

Now the most painful part, all of these people have been elected and the city commissioners including Wheeler have not one election but two. That means the people say their work and thought they are good for the ob and that makes me wonder. Do people know what these people do? Kate Brown has been in since 2015, JoAnn Hardesty since 2019, Schmidt was placed in after the previous DA retired, and Wheeler since 2017 after the previous mayor retired and then won his own election.

Mind you some may take all this and see all the democrats and think I am anti-democrat, I am not. I am however very much anti idiot and both of the big parties are filled with zealotry that their own beliefs are the proper ones. Let me explain, no, the party line is not the code to live one’s life Further away from that there is some issue in the citizens that people in some portion want to support all manner of action as long as it makes them feel good in the short term. This will wreak havoc in the long term and while some see that we have to get away from the soft feel-good way of voting and people need to spend a little time to figure out what needs to be done to go from where we are to where we want to be. Otherwise, the people we will have to blame the most for this are ourselves and while I have been trying through various things among everything else and I am doing more about it now.

I think it is clear that we need to get a better quality of the person in the office and we need to realize as citizens that doing something good sometimes will not be easy.

Things that would be more effective in office than the politicians and day listed above.

Who Are the Homeless?

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Sorry for not typing the past week, I had a hard set of muscle and tmj spasms that left me pretty much drained for anything. Anywho, back to work.

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It seems a lot of people would answer the question as simply those who do not have a home, that would be correct but it would not serve to help us define how to get more people off the streets. Others may define it as simply those who choose not to work, and another group may simply define it as just those hard on their luck.

Getting an answer that we could use to help define policy that helps make both sides happy we need to in turn break down the population and from this point I will be clear as being part of an urban scene that this is from what I have seen and from talking with others. Percentages may be different where you are but the existence of the groups, you will find to be a fact. These are the four groups that people fall into and while some may fill the capability of more then one, the one they fall into is the one that is actively stopping them from moving forward.

Some would just pour obscene amounts of force and money in to the problem hoping that would it take care of itself and often because of that infusion not being thought of properly doing more damage then good. Those who learn martial arts may hear the ringing of technique over power and in this case that is correct the technique of how to do I will do much more then just a raw resource using blitz. If we wanted to help the different areas that make homelessness what should we do?

Picture for a moment 100 manikin in a blank room and this would be our scene for the breakdown. Most would be male about 4:1 for an urban setting and by race it would break down as African American being more at risk per person but the majoirty of the homeless being white. White, African American, and Mexican Latin will have close numbers by percentage so lets for the sake of easy numbers go 65 white, 25 Latin and 15 African American. The reason for these numbers as coming out of Portland, one of the whitest cities on the west coast and of the US overall the number of representatives for certain races in the city is lower because simply put the numbers are not here.

According to the 2020 Census at 77% of the more then 630,000 being white and a mere 5.8% being black you can tweak the numbers even further. The point isn’t about the race or the dynamics of patterns in who becomes homeless. ( That is another article)

100 manikins 25 female, 75 male, all of varying race, most are White for those who like that data. Mine is 100 kitchen appliances, 25 toasters, 75 blenders and a variety of brands represented. This is how I do not go mad during these little mental exercises, make them preposterous as possible. What they are are not important here as the categories they fall in out of these four areas where if you invest in a thoughtful manner you can take off a large portion of the homeless population.

I have found in my experience that these four areas are the ones that really make up the numbers of the problem and in doing so we need to break some of these areas down to fix it and starting from the smallest is the group that cannot be saved. This is the group that prefers to live off of benefits and sleep in parks because they think it is the best way to live. I find not a whole lot are in this group, and by taking the other three groups to fix up the last one shrinks from lack of needed supplies.

Next group, is what some automatically think when thinking about the homeless, or at least of the pitiable down on their luck stereotype of one. One-offs as I have termed them are simply those were living paycheck to paycheck and either got underwater on their cost or despite best efforts, honesty, hard work and what not they have found themselves on the street. These are going to be the easiest as most may need a basic financial class for knowledge and to keep their job and they should be at least on the path to get out of it in a timely manner. Out of the previous hundred think about ten for those who just like being homeless and another fifteen for those who are just one off.

Next would be mental health barring addiction as the main problem. It will account for the second biggest slice of the pie and be more then the other two previous. Forgetting this over the past couple decades has made a lot of people need help and either unsure where they can or so far gone they are lost in the real world where no one can help them. Some of these points are going to be made for the sake of helping the most people possible and may still be uncomfortable to deal with. Beds help but counseling and work programs would do more to the businesses and to the people in the program to help deal with some issues. For those severely ill we need to start drafting a better version of the mental asylum, and it needs to be done by either state or local levels. Federal level had between the 1960’s and now had been signed more help and taken away enough times by both parties that it has been a problem . Simply put those with severe mental illness unable to handle themselves have nowhere to go as a starting point and that is what these places need to be for a great number of them, a starting point to get out of the habits and thought processes that do damage and instead give them the tools to best handle their mental problems.

The last and the largest chunk of the pie is those addicted, mostly to either drugs or alcohol specifically. It is not a great shock that with all these autonomous zones the homeless off on a drug trip can be seen in pictures. Sherlock Holmes, this does not take and the reason is simply put they are chasing a high and would rather do anything else then get themselves clean, depending on what they are on they need help to do it safely. This answer would not be the most popular but I do feel it would be the most effective.

First, give people a chance to understand that treatment is available, and if another charge is found where they have drugs or are using again, then we take it up to a light sentence with mandatory counseling. Something light, long probation to maybe six months in jail. Finally, if after two tries they are not getting the picture then you must make the environment difficult to do such things and nothing is more so then a hard prison sentence.

Some will need a big mallet on the head to get it through and some even then will not agree they should get off such things, but at some point ultimatums need to be made and after two tries with more positive methods the most negative could be the best and this would be a year to five based on how much drugs and number of consecutive charges befitting. Let us say they come out one more time and jump right back in it, minimum 15 years, this is the deterrent to make sure those who are on drugs either get clean or get out of town. Unfortunate that these things are needed, but free use areas, letting people sit in their own filth and having groups colonize the sidewalks is simply not working.

Investing and changing those things could help a heavy majority of the people needed as well as free up the beds and supplies normally taken by addicts and the mentally maladjusted to leave for the one-offs. It solves problems and allows the supplies to help more. In any case that has been this topic, stay strong everyone.

If anyone does not like this, and can come up with a better plan, please comment it I would love to go over it.

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