Pandemic Chaos

I still have friends who are homeless for one reason or another, some have health problems where staying would only make it worse believe it or not. (We tried on that one) Talking to them through all the chaos has been pretty sobering, because whatever hope had been is completely gone. My home has been completely devoid of hope for many people left living on the street.

The pandemic has made the city look at its plans and the signs of the failure have been noted earlier before. One that was done where I was ready to go all political and rant and rave, but honestly reading over it, it didn’t bring anything more to the conversation. I am not happy about Portland for various reasons and I am working on a long term plan to make it better.

Want something done right, do it yourself. I will say that this chaos has been something that ripped away a lot of facades and right now there isn’t a lot where people can hide. Less stabbing in the back and more people against you at the start, but if you can explain to people where to put their passion then a mountain can be moved daily.

Let’s just say a lot is currently in the fire. We all can get better and I hope that through this blog you can see how you can do more as well from homelessness to disaster relief to things that can even make camping a little easier, and that is where I think I will keep it. Mostly on those subjects so if you are homeless a lot of the info can be useful still and even if you camp it can be beneficial.

Stay Strong and Stay Tuned

Chaos Never Changes

There is something to be said when the world and its circumstances are whipping about you like a gale and you know not only who you are, but can keep your bearings while the world around you loses theirs.

It is something so simple it is almost lost, it is the single thing you look at would never expect but having such things in your head giving you a path can make things easier when you are in a positions you never have been in before. From previous articles, the point of learning that will be important to only as a person but in whatever situation you are in. When you push yourself to the new and unknown situation you have that inner dialogue that gets you to actively guide with a moral compass, and it gets you to think in ways that some may deem out of the box. The more experience through the process the easier it gets for you to do so, and then we have where the new may not seem so new and you feel more in your element even when it isn’t the case.

Chaos has its place as does order and to find your best you need to be aware, your reaction to chaos will be how you can grow from it or shrink from it. This war of a letter is going to be something where we can all learn something to better ourselves, not because we are bad people but because no person is perfect and to learn is to grow.

The point right now is just to take things one thing at a time because no matter how much you want to think about everything the human mind can only focus on so much. Cut the problem down to sizable bits that are easier to manage and you can find yourself through it much easier then if you just looked at the big picture all the time. Look at the big when you want to find your best target, but after that just take to the path and go from there, one step at a time, and you will go far.

Even if you are not homeless you will find yourself growing much more when you try to do new things and grow as a person. That bad ass you always liked in the books and movies could very well be you after a couple of months of years and really applying this. Learn how to pack better, pick up some survival tactics, keep it all in the bag of tricks so when you need to get through the unknown you have just the trick for the occasion.

When you want to make the world better, just better, you need every trick you got to get it done. Everything how it is online and in the real world, without learning from the moral compass and trying to learn we will all fail.

Now, I have begun seeing this hashtag on twitter #generalrevolt and saying how the homeless situation is on the republicans. It is not. It isn’t all on the democrats either, its not big city or small town, its a problem. Unfortunately, we have all gotten caught up with using it as a political baton that we forgot how to handle it.

Just talk with people and stay strong and I will do the same, with how my city is going, I feel that I may need some of that strength you all have. I feel that this will be done the hard way because of people being so stubborn, and seeing what is coming in Portland currently.