Speaking of Food – Sauces

Haven’t done a food post for a while so with the holidays in a few months are some sauces you can use to brush up your meals so to speak. The sauce is a lot like the wing man in a fully composed meal. It should not compete with the other elements of the dish, but work with them to bring out their very best. So here are some sauces defined.

Pomodoro – One can look at this is as the basic tomato sauce. Fresh picked tomatoes with very little extra seasoning cooked down to a sauce consistency. Tomato puree can add thickening power if you find through the simmering process that it just is not the texture you wish.

Marinara – Usually seasoned with onion as well as more herbs and garlic then a pomodoro sauce would be.  Due to the additions of other flavors stirring to keep  any possible items  from sticking to the bottom of the pot  may be critical. Finding a a good bodied red wine can add a flavor boost near the end of the simmering process.

Arrabiata – This is known as the angry sauce due to the amount of chili pepper in it. It is made from a tomato base like the marinara and the spice should be calculated carefully as I have found acidic elements – such as the tomatoes in the base make the heat of the peppers a little more pronounced. When simmering try to keep the heat on the pot on the lower side of simmer (medium low on most stoves) Simmering sauces to high after the inclusion of spices may add unwanted bitterness or a metallic flavor to your sauce

Gastrique – A sauce comprised of vinegar, sugar and seasonings under low heat. With the holidays coming up a cranberry gastrique is often a nice way to bring a fresher cranberry sauce to the table. The biggest thing to be careful of is let everything come together slowly as if you leave it for a moment on high heat after it has just absorbed all the sugar then you could burn it.

Compound butter – A forgotten sauce for some reason it can be made and frozen and holds very well in the freezer. It really is butter plus (x). You can mix some apple sauce and honey in it and do a sweeter one. Mix herbs and lemon and use that for grilling or roasting. It is so easy to make you just take what you want to mix  add it to cold butter and let it warm to room temp before mixing it thoroughly.

Stock is also something that yo ushould make and usually is good with whatever is left over from a roast. It is in a lot of different sauces and can add body to just about everything that has to be simmered.


Blessed Bath Salts – The Saltening

So I am getting nervous. I have found some containers for the bath salts and luckily due to a friend sending me an Amazon gift card I can get a couple set up. The Blessed Bath Salts will not be on sale yet I would like to get some small places carrying it first after a couple more things. Setting the packaging up and getting some of the last parts together is a big step and it means it is the start of getting the word out. Now this means I will be working on this a little bit more, and my other projects will take a slight hit. That is okay my kind of working enjoys that form of chrono-chaos. Often times the reaction can be more potent in the positive then the original action. I am also way too caffeinated to do so much thoughtful typing.

So what makes my product different. First, I use natural ingredients. Tea, extracts, salt, water, herbs and honey or sugar. If you have kids or anyone else you do not trust around more chemically laden fare all this will do is give someone a hankering for a drink. Second, when I say natural I mean natural no chemicals to make it last longer, and it lasts long enough I had actually tested the aroma after a full year and it still held the aroma needed for a warm relaxing bath. Last, but by no means least is value. I am not one to sell things for exorbitant prices. Everyone could use a relaxing bath sometimes. Some people may not want it except for once in a while and we can accommodate that it will be a blessing to those who may find themselves needing a nice lift. Parents, Career trend setters, people allergic to other chemicals found in other bath salts this is something that will be for you. No fancy colorings in the salt no stabilizers needed.

blessed bath frame 101_0860

A page for the salts will be coming soon to Facebook as it stands. I want to make it look nice and there will be a post here on the blog to tell of it’s creation so good luck in your projects and have a good one.