Nanowrimo 2015 Project excerpt

Chris Walker made up the last man on the graveyard crew and was also very paranoid of cities and big businesses claiming they were the embodiment of evil. No matter how odd he acted it seemed the attacks on a small holding company made his night throwing his hat in the ring even while on vacation.

To know that he felt enough to jump in made it much easier to do so and the entire night we had gotten a plan together. Walker would get in contact with as many people on the list that he could trying to inform people what was going on. Our jobs would be to break down the company one joint at a time first would be the finances, next would be to destroy the infrastructure in the computers and finally the last would be the most difficult, and that would be to find the building and rescue whomever they can before making the building essentially useless. Putting the last nail in the coffin would be to release the information through a series of proxies in full to sources before letting the chaos reign naturally.

“That sounds like a bit of a cop out, what if he escapes authorities?”

“Oh, he won’t. I can promise that”

With that the subject was dropped as the stakes seemed to rise as our eyes began on the next mission the small funding that came from sales to tech think tanks. Packages of rights, ideas and early models sold for hundreds of thousands sometimes millions which then goes back in to these accounts. Pointing to a series of rows on a spread sheet the second sheet showed the activity as they funneled the money for specific needs. Some tools were going to be made for us as Jake explained that we had some work and that we were going to push ourselves to get this done.

Paul and me were going to be working together while Jake was going to be on his own. Stealing the items would only take the money once so the plan was going to be a little more interesting with a some of the copies of the least disgusting pictures from the computer they were going to plant an email to the manager. All research otherwise points that this company has little idea how they are getting their packages put together. From there the next package should be offered according to the details organized from an email in the computer as well. There would not be much reason for them to continue working with them from those pictures, and if they brought it to the public attention the backlash would ostracize their business. The explanation made me feel less then hopeful about everyone else if such things would only stop business between them. It didn’t help that their would also be a key logger that would let them know of anything typed in to the computer. All in all everything was going to be easy or so we thought the three of us becoming our own little group as thick as thieves. Work went by as normal as dealing with those two guys could be eventually turning everything in to a way to pass the time. Both eventually getting bored after everything getting done turning in to a small semi safe game of truth or dare with no supremely stupid or sexual dares. The person was decided after a two liter bottle was finished after buying it to spin on the tile floor. I’m sure you guys don’t care so much about the full game of truth of dare so I will just go over the various rounds. We did ten rounds.

Paul asked me what I wanted to do with my life.

Paul asked Jake why he does not do the dishes.

Paul was asked not to use magic to control the bottle spins.

Jake asked Paul if he had used his magic to get a date from a girl.

Blushing lightly he pulled a wand out of his pocket before rolling his eyes and flicking it once to bring an actual bouquet. Handing the wand over to me the weight of the bouquet seemed to be secure in the top of the wand. I couldn’t guess the trick thinking it was the kind of magic that was just sleight of hand ,and it was definitely aggravating to him as after handing the wand back he snapped it in two before handing me the half with the bouquet.

“Remember, I can do actual magic.” Before turning the wand in to another bouquet. A couple more flicks turned it into a dagger and a pencil before turning it back into a full size wand.

I asked Paul how he knew he had magic powers. Supposedly he had learned from a book he had gotten from a garage sale coincidentally after following one of the pages he had been able to tap into it. From how it easy to seemed he was fine for other people to try it although no one had any interest leaving him alone. After the incident from the restaurant the options to teach it had been much shorter then he originally expected.

Jake was dared to make some music come out of his speakers. Which was nice to hear the village people while we continued in to the later rounds. Paul would dare Jake to grab him some chips for his little magic show. I asked if he could show me how to learn how to do magic like him which ended to him allowing me to borrow the book. If I could figure it out then there would be no problems for him to teach me how to handle it. There would be some time to get everything needed for the first spell including the potion that would need to be drank. From what he told me though everything was going to be edible although the excess mint was tough to swallow for him.

I told how many siblings I had to Jake

I asked Paul if he had any siblings, he had none.

Jake asked Paul if he was still trying to make the whiskey in his room.

They were weird to be sure especially with the things that they made in their free time. Making whiskey in their bedroom and magic books, but laughing at the end of it as we walked out of the store everything was still happy between us.

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