Dear Twitter

Dear Twitter,

You will have never heard of me, but I am just one of the many people that tried to make a little bit of home on your site. Guessing at the prior sentence can lead one to believe that I am not having the greatest of luck with it, and that is correct. Why, though baffled me because it seemed to me so many people were able to use it for all their projects. I even took classes to brush up until a sudden though caught me.

The physical processes of Twitter is not the problem. I cannot communicate effectively in the 150 characters to make any point I want to make a waste of all the time put in.  Some people can do it well, others need to be more freely to form their statements and that’s okay.

Some of the people you have though are the exact kind of people I just do not want to associate with on a scale that makes me think that being a true to form super villain actually seems like a sensical route. Once again, some does not mean all.  I would like to talk with some of the people on there as it would a nice way to open your mind further.

Just though, the majority of people on your website from my own experience have to be some of the most idiotic subjects in the history of failed lab experiments. Trying not to say anything about it would not make much difference, and I could do something a little bit more positive. Business plans, editing, writing, making my games, and anything else I may want to do.

Maybe, I just need some time to acclimate to the new form of communication. Maybe, I need to get used to what people think is important. Probably should stop thinking I have have found the bottom of the idiot barrel on the internet because that always goes badly. No matter what the reason is. It is about the time for me to look and go is it useful enough that I should continue trying or is it something that I should fall back until either I get used to it more, smarten myself up on it, or find myself an audience that actually has enough of a spark floating between their ears to bring a double AA back to life.

Call me old fashioned. Call me a raging idiot if it makes you feel better, and that could very well be the case. I am not safe from the sheer stupidity either. In any case hope your people are brighter and your days more enjoyable.


Also, what in the flying blue circle of hell does bae mean?

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