Weekly update 5/19/14

So in an attempt to get some advertising for the videos we had some meetings with small card shops in the area. It was an experience that was interesting to say the least. Trying to sell ourselves as a new resource to get more people to play. As it stands we have planned out the deckbuilding series as well as the series about different decks you may encounter in play. You always know when you feel comfortable about something until someone else sees it for the first time. I hate that part even if it is perfect I still go to full ocd mode.

The final fantasy shirt designs are done and will be posted soon as well as fiction posted to different sites. One day I hope I can do more enjoying of my life and less work. Oh well sometimes the journey can be just as important.

Also I have gotten a “new” cookbook with recipes that may show up on here ever so often. It is the New York Times Cookbook 1968. Nice old book that I got on sale at a secondhand store.

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