Moments and Change

We all have moments. Moments where we look at how we have been and what we have done and realize something needs to change. It could be after a bad day, you get home, and people don’t talk to you or respect your opinion in decision making, it could be that when you are owed money, you suddenly find yourself unable to find them to talk to, but when the reverse occurs, you need to change your life to pay them back.

I have been there, and over time some may want to post joker memes and dream about them being a criminal to society. Well, you don’t need to do that, your life may need to be changed by your own mind, but I find that it is time that your body and the back of your mind wants you to work on something. Take those moments, and instead of getting mad, find what it wants you to focus on. I need to work more on my social issues. There will be things moving forward that will be hard for me because it is a weakness, and it does not work well in society, and I have to adapt. Those moments are saying.

““Hey, this is your brain cell speaking. Change your plan, dipshit!””

Sometimes your brain cell does not swear, but I have been a cook for a good decade. There is a lot of swearing between my years. Over the years, I have taken the time to translate what is common usage to be as specific as possible. For those who want the original mental soundtrack imagine a lot less patience and enough F-bombs to make any argument reminiscent of a fourth of July show.

When you get those moments, though, when you snap, when you look at your life and realize it has gone off the rails, some people will take the time to go out in a blaze of glory. Still, some will grow from it; in this case, the pressure will make diamonds out of you. It will turn you into a gem. You just need to make it through. Going through pressure cooker moments is tough because there is no trick or way to have it go away save for getting it done. Learn from the message, and I hope in doing so, your brains talk a lot cleaner than mine when sending those internal messages, but still, just take a moment and get back on the tracks you need before going again.

Stay Strong.

Villain Life

I love villains. Call it for what it is but in my life a lot of people who wore good titles like heroes and mentors supposedly were in it for their own needs and it seemed time and again that people who wore the good really were more rotten then those known to be bad. Hell, we can see that today. Every politician who says they care, every teacher who wants yo to do well only to make themselves look good or push you somewhere if they do not believe in you so their numbers do not fall. Parents who would supposed to help their kids only to beat and cripple them for months or years at a time

Then people would look at that and would ask me to be a good guy and time after time in my life when people and while I wanted to do good things. I could not say in confidence I was a good guy and it made me doubtful of myself and over time a lot of things had come to light but one of them was this. If I told you I worked from the bottom up and pushed myself despite disability and tried to volunteer and help others some may call that good, but I wouldn’t because I do not want to feel so sure that I would disappoint those who would think me to be a hero or even good.

Ever since then the self introduction has been a villain.”My name is X and I am a villain trying to take over the world in my spare time.” From that intro I have figured a lot out.

One, it throws all the stereotypes off because if you can say that seriously and defend it people are not used to it and hence have to work with what they see and what they know from you. In social circles it is a blanks slate powered from a bad title and backed by years of blurring lines from media. From that it has made me take a more accurate self cataloging of skills and abilities to the point if I know the personality test and my mood I know my results down to three points from disc testing to Myers Briggs.

Two, there is so much evil in the world and the majority of it is built on a lie. People think those that can be trusted can be trusted because they are the good guys and when someone claims to wear the black hat and does good deeds there is that little bit of mixed signals causing them to not believe everything to always have doubt. In this case that is a good thing because with doubt they may be able to see things that I cannot because of ego or other factors. To be a villain in public is simply to let your actions define you because no one has anything else to work from. Even if they try to tie your handle to villains there are so many that like a hero they would need to figure it out and that would after trying to find fault in your actions realize they are in the exact same position as they would be with a hero the only difference being nowadays one has used the title to lie and get more out of people and the other does the opposite.

Evil and villainy is different in my eyes and with so many words getting broader in meaning. This one though works off of a simple mechanic. It deals with the old adage “everyone is the hero of their own story” Well, below is the definition of a villain.

When the heroes do wrong it is time for a villain to stand up. One can be a villain and still do good because it all depends on the hero on is opposing. There a lot of heroes who are not worthy of the title and now I think it is time for some villains to come and show how things can be done.

So if you feel the world is not respecting what a hero is and people are tarnishing the title turn to something that would be once forgotten. Let your actions define you and be a villain.

Stay strong.