My Whiteboard

I have a whiteboard on my wall behind me and on it you may see some notes on certain things when it comes to certain things and if you watch me twitch you may see it on cam over my right shoulder. There are always some notes on it and sometimes it could be just to keep some things straight with actions moving forward, it could be deadlines that need to be dealt with or even things that needed to be wrapped up.

So on my whiteboard, I have a few things. One of them is the number 80 in red and blue markers for the fallen goalie of the Columbus Blue Jackets, I read his story and found him very brave, and for whatever it is worth to think on what he did when it was needed most. It helps me keep my head on straight even if things are bad and for those who do not know. He had been at a party with the other team members and the fireworks had been set off accidentally so one goalie jumped and blocked the fireworks and took a direct hit to the chest while the other goalie was protecting his family and wondered why he didn’t feel anything until he looked to see his co-worker, his friend at this point, take the hit.

Bravery like that is something to be remembered so his number was 80 and that is why it is on my board. Then there is the odd note to the music project that I did not forget, or do something to keep my writing and editing straight, and then there is a set of three lines that unless you knew of from pro wrestling, it may just fly over your head.

Control your narrative. When it comes to stories someone in pro wrestling made something where even if you are not a fan then you can at least learn from it as a storyteller. EC3 as he is known as done a magnificent job of breaking down both the character and the person and how they all work towards a purpose. I think if anyone wants to better themselves or make themselves better by boiling down what makes them work take a look at controlling your narrative.

Outside of two notes, there are three phrases where I look up and sometimes to be reminded for various reasons. One is ‘people will disappoint you’ and while that is not as positive as some hope it is there to remind me that people will not always do as they say they will, and it can be painful to deal with it, but it is something that has to be dealt with if you try to do anything in life. Another one comes from the show Peaky Blinders ‘No rest for me in this world, maybe in the next’ is something that reminds me to go all out, and do what I can, not to overdo it and leave myself broken and drained because I have had to learn that lesson by experience. What it is is never leave anything in the tank but do it in a way where I can do it again tomorrow. I have stated it before and will state it again that there is a limit to going all out and it all depends on how much you need to heal up for the next one.

Also, as a side note I have filled out an application for the state representative for my ward but I have found that to do it as an independent I need to do it a different way. So still doing it I just had to redo the paperwork, which is good because I still have plenty of time to do it. The Indiegogo I wanted to have open by end of the month but right now it is a money thing and currently, we are helping someone and they said they would put some money in for rent and haven’t in two months so it is getting close to pay or bail mode for them. I need to get some smaller containers and get some things printed out for that but we are making progress slowly but surely. Also, I need to learn how to program for another project.

^^;; I need a time machine
In any case, you know it.
Stay Strong.

Turn Out From Burnout

Yes I forgot, Anywho I got over a third of the way through Milwordy so that is good progress and we got some work done for the first orders and that is great. Trying to do more social media is really a game of what I have forgotten. On top of that working my way through a writing class now and I feel this month is going to be big numbers so far because we are doing a lot already and I got some mushrooms on the smoke, that you may have seen if you followed the Instagram, and you should.

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I actually had a class on Monday , my writing class actually, and I was more nervous about making sure I had it all in order, but class came, class went, and I had a good time. A couple more fanfics on the page, just because I forgot how much fun it could be to write about other peoples worlds, it is like playing with other people’s shiny new toys and then saying to go nuts.

Here is what I want you to do, what is something you have been really pushing yourself to working on, leave it in a comment and I want to hear what you all are doing, because I know I am not the only one. Let me hear it from you about your writing, your projects, how you are working out, hell that you have stuck to an extra walk, anything you are proud I want you to put it here.

So what do you do when you feel the fatigue on a major project like Milwordy.?

You need to do more project work but are beginning to burnt out is to see how you are getting burnt out for this. I know writing itself will be the problem while editing will be more of the stuff I can do because I have enough of that to do to give myself. I split it up so when I am sick of writing I go edit and when the fatigue leaves there is some fresh writing to do.

When you can switch up your actions like this it makes it easier when you get back to it. So simply put what can you do? Do something else. Anything else. Even if it means doing some cleanup just so you could get a different thing in front of you. When you feel better it could take an hour to a week but keep doing it and you can go back with fresh batteries.

What you can do is best work with what you have to bring the best result. You cannot say you will touch everything and have it be turned to gold. That is okay though sometimes all you have to do is just keep your head up and keep on til morning. Things can get better and while there will be a lot of difficulties after dealing with it when you just top giving it more energy or effort then it needs between steps it allows you to focus more on other things.

Follow the IG, drop by on twitch, enjoy the things I do, tell me about the things you do, and as always.

Stay Strong.