Clodsire Appreciation Post

Seeing as I do not have anything to say but to keep in the habit of making posts. I am going to do something different.

This is Clodsire. It is cute, and I hope it brightens your day.

Yes, I will do serious posts again. Just felt that sometimes a little spontaneous brightness is fine. What are some thing you like? Could be pokemon, pets, favorite animals. Just things that make you happy.

Pokemon Fusion :)

I am a video game fan. Big surprise, right but the reason for today is not to talk on something like a project or a moment that angered me. No, this time I found something cool and this is just to kinda show it here. Pokemon was a game that sat as the gatekeeper in my electric purple game boy color. Whenever there was good or bad to be had my game boy was there to burn away the time.

If you like pokemon then this a nice little thing to play with.

Back when I played though I picked my Bulbasaur and soon after caught myself a Pidgey.

Bulbasaur was my guy and he grew and evolved. My team would continue to grow and change eventually until I got my third mainstay Snorlax and my Haunter. My friend then traded may so it could evolve in to a Gengar.

Rare or legendary Pokemon didn’t really do much for me except for the single one you could catch only after the elite four provided you did not glitch out the game.


Some times I would get pokemon because I just liked them. Cubone and Farfetch’d would be ones I would have just so I could have them and back when I was younger I would pretend to be a pokemon trainer.


I’m having too much fun with this. Here is the link. May happy trails await you and your pokemon. Work post on the end of the week, toodles.