Lost Friends

Recently the week has been rough. Things were going well, but I realized a reason that I had not heard from someone was that they no longer with us. It kind of stings because this teacher was someone who I had talked to the last conversation was about my nerve damage had blocked me from a lot and she just said “You will make it.”

Well, cut to a couple months after that conversation, she died, no one told me, she never made mention that she had been sick for a couple years afterward. Just, it stings, I felt like I should have put it together, but from what I heard after being shocked by the news, no one else knew either. Meaning she kept it to herself. Which would be like her, it’s just stings because there was something that could have been something she would have liked to work on since I am a student senator. Unfortunately, she was someone who did not want to show weakness and it hurts.

She was smart as a whip, and honestly the world is a little dimmer now that she is gone. It hurts that I did not know for so long. One of the few times I cried too, but she was an anime fan. So this would be something she would have been happy with me using.

A couple days there should be another post.

Enjoy your friends, and Stay Strong.