Short One, Longer Post Monday

One day is all it takes to right the ship, and it often can be enough where you do not need the whole day; as soon as things start going your way, it could be half a day, and your entire fortune has changed. I have not gotten there yet myself, but something has begun to go my way, and that gives me time to get more done.

This month I said it was going to be essential, and it was. For everything that had to be done, it was going to be a month of a lot of trying, wrapping up a lot of things, and even more hitting the finish line. That would be some friendly feelings, and while my body has been broken at the level of shattered glass, fr every step over the finish line, it makes you feel just that much more of yourself.

As of right now, I have spent project after project getting it further and having to tape up my body from breaking down as it did so many years ago when a bruised rib was a good day and blood loss was a pain for the laundry but not much else because I wore black back then as well.

I will want one day to live in what John Goodman once called “A position of fuck you.” A point where no matter what happens, as long as I live, if I don’t take serious risks, I can live until my last dies like a prolonged retirement with only my time and my mind in my base of solitude to make the entertainment as I need to.

This will be a short post, but some cards are falling in favor. All I can hope is I can turn it into more progress. Stay strong, everyone.

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