Stupid People Stay Away

There are some days I would just like to enjoy the time and maybe get something done on a project. Work on editing, draw some things for the card game, hope the world can be a better more accepting place, and maybe hope for the future.

Nothing gets to me than the idiocy of a large group of very dimwitted people. Seriously, I understand learning disabilities I was told to have a couple, but I am shocked at the sheer duncery of a group of people who have told me to check my privilege.

So I did. These people who do not like ideas or opinions or even conversation that takes a half watt of brainpower to understand make me go back to being a problem solver, because by god the market needs one again. I once had a nice conversation with someone from the BLM group and while I do not agree with the group 100% there are things that could be good if they focused more on them. Back to the point I had a talk with someone who had a nice conversation as we went over our points to and fro in a respectful matter about things the group would have to do to become more of a mainstay and less of an extremist group.

Now some people may find it strange but people can actually get together to have a conversation despite having different opinions. It may seem strange, but do not worry because one day when your minds evolve you may find it needed for people of different pasts to work together for something like maybe a cure for cancer, a stable housing market, healing after a major world disaster or war.

Then we get people who believe that all white people need to bow to all black people because of something that happened more then a hundred years ago with a small viewpoint blown out of proportion until enough people are rattling it off looking like phone controlled twitter zombies and it makes me want to headbutt people with a longhorn skull.

Like someone who wanted reparations for every slave in America not thinking that also included child labor, the Irish, Jewish, Chinese and the Germans at various points in time. This person who was in another BLM branch then wanted to change their goals because they are not about helping people, no, this particular branch close to my own neck of the woods thought it should be all about Black lives, but they are not racist because white people are the majority in this country and through something missing the entire meaning in English deem that anything against the majority race of a country cannot be deemed a hate crime.

This logic dictates that I can go somewhere with another race as the majority and start the White Lives Matter movement? Cheer how some brainless dolts with the same amount of melanin as me do crimes that bring people’s eyes to our cause right should make me pleased, right? It doesn’t and anyone who thinks that it should get their head sweetly held by a pair of blue whales until it’s flatter than Justin Bieber’s talent pool. I actually feel for the people who look at these knuckleheads and just want to say they are from another group of lifeforms just to spare the associations with whatever group of pinheads may be vying for the right to represent a whole group of melanin levels.

So about that checking my privilege test backed by the group. I got 12, my sister got 14 and my father got 24. According to a test where if you are white or male counts for a couple to only get such scores made the test tell us we shouldn’t need to tell the world is unfair but surprise it seems we are part of the few that know it. Take this whole instigating race war hypocrisy horseshit and just shove all of it, piece by piece where it belongs which would be in a toilet while those left actually look to see if there is a problem before attempting to fix it because either way a united front will bring with it a united solution.

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