Dear Portlandia, screw you.

Some people may be reading this because of the series Portlandia. I personally cannot stand the thing’s existence. It used to be my spot reserved for stuff like South Park or Family guy, but I have never felt more insulted of my home then watching an episode of what some people call a satire.

I have even had some people want me to calm down, and take it for the comedy it is supposed to be. The problem is that if it does not make me laugh then it is not comedy to me, it is people taking a subject close to my heart and makign themselves look like utter fools with it.

What if someone made a show about everyone in San Francisco was a bunch of overly emotional nymphomaniac with sever mental disorders. I bet some would laugh, but some would still be insulted because somewhere where they may have established close friendships or found their loved one, made memories is being turned in to the butt of bad jokes.

Now, some may think I am overly serious. Most likely that is true, but I am not against the idea of a show like Portlandia, but the comedy that is supposed to make the reflection upon oneself go smoothly is rough and feels painful. I have tried watching it and fans I have spoke with have said it gets better I just can’t spare another moment of time nor a modicum of my remaining energies to try and understand this.

You want comedy in Portland, how about a transvestite putting a smack down on three gang members on a night Max from Chinatown. Cooks trying to backstab each other for horribly paid positions because a lot of them are just damn good at what they do. How the service industry in the city could double as a minute militia if the city was ever deemed dry by one of the dimwitted politician or social justice group. How strikes shut everything down or just piss people off when one group has barbecues to get their point across by giving away burgers and fries so people listen. Each of those could be funny, but just the way it is delivered needs to show the good and the bad which maybe they changed from the parts and episodes I tried to watch but it just looked like insulting garbage taking the best parts of a city and mocking them because of one reason for another.

If you like it, then great, but for the whole series of Portlandia, 

Screw you.


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