Shattered Reflections – Excerpt

Every week there was a semester being made up and over my year there at CALC my challenge was never lost. Testing was monotanous to a degree, but it was something I excelled in so it worked.While I was trying to salvage my grades there had been some who wanted to beat their chest before fighting for various reasons. To save space all of them will be here as there was not a grand fight among them.

One pair of gang banger wannabes were grabbing at a girl at lunch one day. She had come to talk to me to get them to stop. After trying once talking like human beings she had come out saying  and it ended with Harper kicking one in the skull while I tackled the other in the doorframe hard enough to break the doorframe.

Invented an armbar waltz when another male student tried to push a smaller female teacher around. The armbar waltz was just holding the standing armbar while I would negotiate him around spinning this way and that just to anger them and if I ever needed I could resort in to a hammerlock transition or give up the arm to take the leg.

One of the baby daddies thought he could sleap his girl around which is the theme of this place. Not a gang banger wannabe though he was a goth metal deadhead who got floored by a nut kick/ facejam combination then proceded to maon how that was fighting against the rules.

I did not understand such behaviors so Harper had to explain to me after another such incidents why people did such things. Supposedly it is because they think the girls are cute or they have some relationship with them, but I had to think that it would be much easier if they were treated like people first. Relationships were never a strong suit of mine. Thinking about such thing as the meaning of beauty or the understanding of the common students when I was choking someone out or grappling with them. No one got serious enough that a couple hits couldn’t stop. Put enough people on their head and eventually the message will sink in at least until the headache subsides.

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