Writing Contest – 1 down

I am also doing writing contests. One of which that I had found was interesting. You had to write a life lesson you have learned with fifteen hundred words or less. It does not cost anything to enter this contest.

Recently, I took some time to get in to the spirit of the contest. What would I want to tell myself from an earlier age. What my life lesson was may seem a bit strange, but I have a fair amount of words to explain it and so it can be surmised just as.

Learn to fight.

Now, fight in this case is specifically the definition of concentrating your efforts towards something. I have been in enough fights of the other variety for a lifetime and really throughout my life if I didn’t go through those moments then I would have never get the grasp of this one. Violence is in all honesty something that is almost tiring even if it was for the best reasons. My body looks like a roadmap of scars sometimes, and considering how little I went to the hospital. Well, there is going to be a price to pay on that.

Learning to concentrate one’s efforts does not mean going out to pick fistfights with everyone that passes by. You can fight in ways when it comes in refrence to a skill or competition. Fighting for a goal is what some people should really work on more, myself included.

I recently just got the writing portion on it done which sounds easy at fifteen hundred words or less working with that size you can’t mince words. When it’s time to put everything in I hope I do well.

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