Excerpt “The Worst Novel” – first draft

This came from a project of mine currently going. Where most people try to make their characters and their storylines believable I tried to do the exact opposite to see what I was left with. It is much harder then thought just because when you try to create something you obviously go to create depth of story and character. Well, in this case I tried to make this the worse novel ever made. Some people could read it and laugh while others could read it and stop themselves making some of those mistakes. Here, we go….

Vampires, as soon as you say it people will conjure images of heartless badasses or shining knights glittering for their beloved ones before taking another lover or friend in to the fold as they watch those mortals blitheringly go on with our imperfect lives. Legends have been spun about us while others try to put us in the magically drug induced worlds. Don’t listen to them as I will explain to you what we really are.

The stories of us have been spun as long as the humans have existed for we came from you. So just in case you did not understand because you, humanity exists. That means we as a derivative albeit a positive evolutionary derivative from the human species would not exist without you. Looking on what we feed it is only because of your charity that we exist. Getting that out of the way do not think under any circumstance that you are better then us because of that. Every dog as the saying goes has its day. Luckily the dogs won’t need to see the wolves until all other options have been exhausted. Enough with the politics I am sure you all wanted to hear a story. Despite my years I have not taken much time to the guise of writing effectively as an author so the merit of this as a body of literary work will only be from my natural ability instead of the years of training that many of you push yourselves through.

It is early September all of our little group was currently on a plane making it back from Maine of all places. How do people live in a place like that is beyond me there was not even any designer clothes in the area just an American Eagle outlet store. There were few nightclubs with less dancing then anything else, and everything is just so boring that as soon as we could we were on a flight to New York to hopefully get some time before our next modeling event. Dmtiri was sitting in the row ahead with his flavor of the week at his side when he learned to manifest his vampiric abilities in to charming people his selection became more eclectic. Marie was tracing random designs in to her arm a habit you may have found normal if not for the knife she did it with making sure not to cut herself so deeply that the blood would drip ruining one of her favorite dresses. No matter what was going on if blood ruined one of her gothic outfits then hell was incoming no matter where everyone was.

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