Job Hunting and How To Succeed

I have gotten a new job and as it stand I am happy with it. So with that I thought I would take some time to go over some things that other employers may need to find people that can really better the companies. All of these things are by no mean set in stone or even the gospel, but when there is plenty of people that can work and you can’t find one that doesn’t meet your standards then maybe you should brush up on this list.

1. Honesty DOES help.
Finding the right person for a job is difficult, and the more emotion you have for the company while hiring the harder it can be. A great way to get the right people is to be honest with what you need. If you have training for your system, but you do not train how to use a basic computer then basic computer skills would be fine in many applications.

Some people I have had interviews with started as an assistant manager position open only for it to magically change as a burger flipper with a comment about how an assistant manager was not needed. Another one was following an ad for a lead line cook only to find they really just want a prep cook. Doing that shows that you obviously do not care about your people so why should anyone work for you.

2. Pay for quality.
If you need someone who has gone through and gathered experience under high stress conditions with a good background then you can not pay them poorly. You want people with two years experience then be prepared to start off higher then what you would pay for someone completely new. Obviously, if someone is low balled and does well, how long do you think it will take before another business comes in to offer them better digs? You need to bring the Cooks are my favorite example because professional cooking in America as of 2015 is a system where it eats its own young and leaving an evolution of style impossible to be maintained.

3. Think about it.
It sounds almost stupid to even note, but there are businesses that simply do not treat their prospective employees like people. It is sad we have missed this point, and with some of the other things are currently going through it definitely cuts the bigger companies off from the people with the skills they want.

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