Nightwish is coming to town…

So for those who do not know Portland has a bit of a music scene. If you did not know then it is completely alright. I didn’t know until my senior year in high school. So don’t feel bad if anyone was actually hurt. For the rest of the population there is a band I am a major fan of and I know it is silly to fawn over them in a blog post. But I hurt my shoulders sleeping in a position that resembled a knotted piece of spaghetti and personally I would love to do something that does not involve the y-axis with my arms. Nightwish is a band that covers a lot of different schools throughout the music but can be summarized in the term operatic synth euro metal.

They are very popular in Europe and could be considered a big thing when you go to places that have thousands upon thousands of people cheering for you to where they are going now in their tour through Portland where only about 1,000 people can fit it makes things interesting because their is not a bad seat in the house. The last time Nightwish had come through that I was able to go the singer had just been replaced from Tarja who has a wide range and an operatic voice versus Annette who has more energy and a style of singing that may make more people comfortable to listen to. Now, with this tour we get to hear the new singer Floor Jansen and I am psyched like a Pomeranian on a sugar rush.

If you think you may want to give these a listen I would suggest Wish I Had An Angel, Bye Bye Beautiful, Amaranth, and Over The Hills.

This band is maybe one of two I would actually move my entire life projects and all to go see. The other two include a band that does not tour.(Black Mages) So while I am psyched to go my question today is what band would you money willing go see even if that meant calling sick or otherwise sloughing off everything else that day to get ready for? Comment below and if you have ever met someone who has a crazy story about going to a concert then share this with them. i am sure they will like it.

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