What is an unhipster

Hipsters are defined as a person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream. At least by Google standards so with that in mind let me explain why this whole thing is called Unhipster in Portland.

In short I am not following fads. I barely know enough about fads to pick them apart I just focus from one thing to another and continue practicing something. Drawing to writing to learning to this to that to slantways and so on. Portland seemingly is gaining a reputation as the hipster capitol of the U.S. Which, in all honesty makes me want to drive my head through a desk at the speed of light. Their are great things here though and plenty of people just a little bit strange, eccentric, and altogether fun to have a drink with.

I just kinda do things and when I finish them I don’t know what to do when the goal is in my hands. Except get better and continue. My clothes usually revolve around my work outfit, my comfortable outfit, and the I need to do something special outfit. I don’t own a stitch of plaid although I own about as much black fabric as a hot topic that went out of business.

Unhipsters are just people that are what they are good, bad or meh. So join us and be yourselves. Besides how hard is it to join a group that is defined as an un-something.You just have to not be something in this case a fake, fad following, flagellating figure with few flickers of full blown original fantasy. Alliteration is fun by the way and is a writing device I like to use. Anyway if you are not one of those multiple f-word describing targets then welcome to the club.

You are an unhipster and you are one of us. Unless these convenient graphs describes you.

Link on the word graph by the way.

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