Potted shrimp

For two servings you will need the following…

Half lb of shrimp meat, three ounces of salted butter, teaspoon of chopped garlic, teaspoon of honey mustard, four slices of sourdough bread and chili powder for garnish.

This appetizer comes from across the pond originally made with brown shrimp you can make it with shrimp meat like me if you do not mind seasoning your butter a little bit stronger.

Potted Shrimp Ingredient


I like having the butter melt so you can season and make everything mix completely. Whisk your mustard and garlic in with the butter over low heat before dumping your shrimp in the butter. Cook in the butter until meat begins to turn white , and for the miniature shrimp that is about ninety seconds on low heat.

butter mix

Mustard and garlic halfway mixing before tossing the shrimp in. After your shrimp is done you pour in to a pair of ramekins and while some prefer this chilled I actually enjoy this the most while everything to smear on toast making a delightful meal. Garnish with Chili powder if you like a little bit of heat at the end all the a quick grind of pepper works too.

finish potted shrimp

When you chill the butter mix with the shrimp the butter will grow opaque but the shell will be much thinner then you think. After you chill them  the meal is just delicious with some toasted sourdough for breakfast. I had some garlic sourdough I bought on sale from the local Franz store I just warmed up to eat with. Chilled properly the potted shrimp can last a week without major issues as long as it is refrigerated.chilled potted shrimp

If you can find your way to get some butter and shrimp with a couple slices of good bread then you can make this the focus of a good meal in the autumn sun watching the beautiful colors of the leaves maybe with a nice glass of whiskey and cheesecake. Hope you enjoy your own version of this dish.

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