From the heart

So from this point I spent some time about and part of me despite all the energy to get things going. No matter what vim and vigor I may have on these things to chase dreams is a difficult thing to do. Not trying to scare people with that statement, but it just is. Honestly I get a little blue for a while wondering why I continue until I have a moment.

I moment in my life where I look at someone or something, and it strikes me like a backhand to the fore head. There are people clawing on to every shred of hope they can while bettering themselves for something. I cannot give up because if they still have the ability to keep getting up then so do I.

The mother who came from nothing and wants to be an rocket scientist. She has two kids and is single does that stop her. Nope she works every day trying to get a little farther then yesterday. The brothers trying to spread the word of god while the religion is not my cup of tea I can respect the passion for their craft, and the drive to get better.

Thanks for the heart to heart and here is a courage wolf

Courage wolf is awesome

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