Resident Evil 6 : Alcohol may be required.

So me and my uncle play video games once every two weeks and he is one who tries to get all the achievements and looks at things often times with the glass half full with a play style that often takes a moment of thought before embarking on a difficult level. Like Abbott and Costello the best pairs are made with differing styles that can be used to make a variety of situations much easier to diffuse or complete with style and bubbly enjoyment.

Having the game come out to someone who enjoyed the series from start turned bad. We started with Leon’s campaign. After a prelude that made little sense we had to jump in as one Leon and Helena. I don’t mind new characters in the series, and despite my experience to playing all of the games I still knew a fair amount about the universe. Helena was not on the list for being different or “new”. Posed as god knows what it seemed to try to have a little bit of everything with little thought to how it all worked together. Someone adding all the spice in the kitchen only to taste a glorified mess. After going through one of the four campaigns and halfway through another here is a view from the foxhole that the game made us lie in.


Despite it being a game of the triple A market on an Xbox 360 when the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One are the newest iterations it did show a polish to their visual stylings and it looked like it could be a decent survival horror.

It didn’t blow up my uncle’s console.


Coming from a list of positives like that you know this section is going to be full but I will just take what I thought were the biggest offenders.

The controls were clunky not int the classic horror sense that would create tension but in the awe inspiring flavor of bad that makes one wonder how after the movement it wasn’t just written by random chance.

Laziness in writing as evidenced by the body of work overall, in the visuals for reusing multiple maps with no change to game content. When trying to make different stories you do not make the same experiences in different storylines for sections of the game. The prologue had been part of Leon’s story and the environments Chris’s story will give you a serious case of de ja vu. It made me feel that this went out the door in a massive rush job. The characters did not make enough sense to by a soda with and overall I wouldn’t be playing it if it wasn’t for the stubborn pride for the two of us. We will beat it.

If you can choose I would suggest not playing it. There are better games on the individual consoles. Better horror does exist almost everywhere then what has been found so far.

Final score: An empty whiskey bottle out of five. You will need it.