200800 Hours

Value your time

I cannot stand wasted time, that is to say I don’t mean be serious all the time. Sometimes a bit of time invested with a giggle can be enough to keep flying during the tough times. This is some math though, let us say on average a person lives to 80 and there are thirty years where you are a kid or out to find yourself or whatever. Means you have fifty years, and working at 8 hour days, five times a week. Comes out to about 100000 hours, if you include the 8 hours out of work, and you sleep the last 8 it means for fifty years of work on the job and your stuff you have 200800 hours.

200800 hours for everything you do. All of your work boiling down to what you got done in those hours. Seeing that number is scary for some and to see your life in such a finite state where it is the product of that time, there is still the chance where you may not get the full amount of time. Tomorrow is never guaranteed. All that time, what do you spend it on and what would make you happy when your time is up.

Some may also see that is rather dark, but for me it kind of keeps my head on the ground. Never waste time, know your value, and when others want to lower it, get out of there. No villain or anyone worth their salt are looking those hours and wondering how to fail that kind of investment. When other people make you feel worthless you have time to work into whatever you wish.

Stay Strong.