Wanted – Several More Hours A Day

I usually would put down all the progress here, and while there is some, I do need to let some steam and have been playing a few games recently. Someone got me in Overwatch, and I have had a lot of fun playing as Baptiste, the healer the uses grenades to produce heals at a distance. Very fun; been playing some of the secondary styles of games, and I must say. People need a heavy dose of relaxation. I thought I was overdoing it sometimes. Still, when you need to yell at a team when a bunch of random people pick their choice, then no one will listen at all.
Playing some things, and that final step for the finishing touch has been found, so now I just need to find a way to do it as quickly as possible because each batch will take roughly 18 days. The reason for that was after some tests and handing out for some people to have, the plan was to make accessible for the mid-range market your mom and pop, Safeway, bigger supermarkets, some farmers markets, etc. No harm in making an excellent product, but the problem stands that I can also need to have that value reflected in the price. When one has an effect, and the price is too low than how it looks, people see it as something that has something broken or wrong with it. You can price yourself too low if it seems too good to be true, and for my products, the goal is to be the finest in the land. Instead of releasing it and it would have been a good seasoning. It wasn’t enough, though, so there had been something still to be done over the past few times. It seems that the final step may be found.
So now what? Well, making some food happen, and now with that last step found some work on the Kickstarter needs to be done. There is also a recipe that I think will really show the flavor of this seasoning. It is easy to make, delicious, and shows that my stuff is the best you can have in your kitchen. Yes, I hem and haw about things and not pull the trigger, but there is a point it needs to reach, and now it may be there.

Some experimentation in salt preservation

College is going as best as it can. However, it has been expressed that for everything that could be done, and while some can say my grades have been exemplary, there always seems to be a deficit of time on the list of things that needed to be done. In addition, honor roll is currently a goal, and learning how the writing can be formatted into books to sell on places like amazon and whatnot means another thing is needing time that I do not have.
Paperwork is now open for an attempt to be a state representative. While some things the government does baffle me, nothing can be said about blame if the paperwork is not filed. I do not give it a try.

Anywho stay strong.