What is beauty?

I have heard a lot of people talk about how they are pretty or are not. Their are a pair of brides to be that have been not feeling beautiful often trying to get themselves to lose weight to fit better in their dresses.

Being as I had no earthly idea of marriage, and they were more experienced as well as a reputation established for questioning previously established.I asked one why they would need to feel beautiful if by at this point the people who love you for your beauty is who you will be married to.

My first response back was how “that is such a guy answer!” Surprise, I thought I was turning in to Robo from Chrono Trigger. That’s this handsome creature below.

So as to be human one of the things you need to have is a gender one would think it is clear that upon giving such a supposed male answer that everything is ok? Right? Wrong. Although more then a few doctors have said I need to get my oil changed so maybe they know something I don’t.

What if though we can only percieve beauty in so many ways though clouded by things like our own wishes and desires. What if everyone does have their own beauty like a lock only for those who understand its value becoming the key would one dictate that someone is without such a thing when everyone seems to have a basis of it and hence some form of it?

Would it be closer to correct saying that oned id not understand some others model of beauty?

This is the stuff I think about when people yell about their deposit at work.