Idiots, Drugs, and Mech Metaphors

Ok, most people who are reading this for some happy fuzzy thing may want to leave now.

It is your funeral otherwise.

So living another day I would like to tell you something. I am not a person. I am not a human. I am a bunch of little tiny chibi drawn characters piloting me like Power Rangers Mech. It sounds odd, but really that is how I can go from breaking punching bags in gyms, while talking about women’s fashion for the middle class in the millennium and simultaneously think about where my card game is going to be printed up. Being that split on the action, conversation, and thought happen more times than it really should but life ain’t easy and you all know that.

Staying in the struggling mech metaphor there is the nice one and that is the one that most people usually project, nothing new there. Except when I look at enough stupidity in a short period of time that little nice goody two shoe portion of my personality has to turn the wheel over. They turn the wheel over to the little character that well, would really be best described as a jaded prick.

Looking at events not only around the world but locally has made me realize that the portion of people who know or who can educate themselves to at least grasp what is going on partially is inverted to the people that can make most of the decisions. I am not even talking the hard ones, I am in fact referencing the ones where we all stand around a turd and go…

“Yup, that’s shit.”

The first person who looks at a situation and tries to spin it in such way they sound like they have just gotten off a bender with Charlie Sheen with no evidence to their argument or even so much as a thought I think should, well, they should go back to their drugs. It is clear that they have a hookup, and really I would most likely ask them how I could be so lost from reality. In times like these, I think if these people really want to try and act like adults they have to share the wealth so to speak.

I mean our country is in a place I cannot even believe, built of years upon years of howling monkeys that we have put in place because we can’t get anyone who has a grasp on reality to take the job. Sure the pay is great and the health care is dandy, but most people I know would listen to some of these things across the board and just rethink the whole drinking while working thing. There is not a single party to takes the blame because especially the two main ones should look at their efforts over the last presidential election cycle and just wonder who drank the bleach.

We have one party who put someone after they had already been proven of cheating, media chicanery, lying about funds, ethics, and who was so cocky that they seemed pleased with every misstep that they made. Then on the other side, we have Donald Trump, and the jaded prick steering my little body forward is banging his head into the steering wheel now because these two really could be the same person if you look at a funhouse mirror. Yes, I did say I would keep this blog political free, but I really don’t think it is political when you look at it and go…

“Yup, it’s shit.”

I actually tried starting a party. One that would deal with a lot of the issues that is currently plaguing this country and tried to bring in a lot of younger blood to help push it too which we were stopped by people in reputable parties whether they are state or national making it even more difficult on an already herculean task.  Now, I see groups who use protest like it is their personal privilege to act like brats who didn’t get a nap. People who want to scream and cry, but have no plan to make it better thinking it will be handed to them. There are people currently crying over every small thing who legitimately believe because their feelings are hurt that life should change to accompany them.

It can’t be this generation’s fault as we are living longer we are doing in a lower quality of life than before. It can’t be a race’s fault just because they do not know another race’s context and battles magically plucking the knowledge out of the air like a magician. It isn’t a religion or a belief systems fault because in every religion around the world you can boil a hearty portion down to “Don’t be a dick.” yet people arm themselves with every snippet about annihilation and destroying your foes with the wrath of the almighty deity of choice or belief.

Then I watch after people tell me it is a race or a generation fall on their face every time because they can’t see the forest for the trees and realize that everything is on fire. We have the biggest debt in U.S history and we didn’t as a country have the spark of thought that maybe we should put some money where it counts instead putting them in places it doesn’t. Social Security is fucked right now, and the education system is so bad I would rather teach kids, because I know at least I can give them something better than what they are getting from the public systems despite the best efforts of a group of teachers whose souls have not died from feeling so useless. I don’t even like kids, but the testing and testing and stupid rules and do not get me even started about the school lunch program, and what the government defines as healthy school lunches because after a bunch of them had a serious conversation about Ketchup being a vegetable to pat themselves on the back made me want to knee each of those suckers straight in the junk hard enough that any chance they had of children would be gone and any kids already there would be retroactively written from existence.

You want to fix this shit, it’s easy. Put in better people. I can literally piss from my apartment roof on to someone and the odds are in favor they would be a better choice than people who have done this ten to twenty years.

I will make this world better. Hopefully, you got a laugh at my rantings. I just get so mad because it seems like the best efforts of those including myself and a lot of people better than me are being wasted for such frivolity that makes one wonder that maybe there is no hope and that we should just roll up get some lawn chairs and watch the shit show with a preferred beverage. Let me end with this, knowing how completely off we are on some things how can we expect someone to fix it if we do not even try it ourselves?

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