Bad Blood

My family has what could be called a strained relationship. Just recently things took a pretty bad turn of events thanks to one person, and that would be my sister. If one has read this blog for a while one could make the assumption that everything wasn’t sunshine and daffodils. I won’t go until the full story because that would be another month of blog posts, and it really wouldn’t be worth it. What I can say is that through some rough times my sister and I could not be more opposite from each other.

While I fought for what I that was right, she was someone who wanted to be popular. This was done by dating every boy she could to the point that they (her ex-boyfriend)tried to goad me in a fight by exclaiming what they did in full earshot of everyone. She stole, but also got in to a lot of trouble with drug users and it got to the point where she would play what is now a well honed sympathy act to get as much as she  can out of people with the least amount of work. When you sit down and you see someone with unruly kids who doesn’t give one care when it does not benefit her, well then you have seen my sister.

Well, she owed me for a car I had let her borrow after my parents vouched she was turning over a new leaf. She then went to scrap my car out of spite without paying for it. That cost me about 1,200,and remember that because it will come back later.

In almost a year she has burned through four more cars with another one being on the repo list. When it comes to having her own place she hasn’t been able to hold her own for more then a couple moths at a time being evicted no less then three times before her 25th birthday.

Mom got sick of dealing with her living off of her especially when she doesn’t not try to do anything to help when it doesn’t help her. She also has a habit of trying to ruin anything anyone else has going to be the center of attention. All this was happening while I was living with my own apartment for the something like 8th year which after all that time living on my own my health started to drop. Which is where I am now I have to live with family because of my health problems and my sister wants me to forgive the debt if she pays for my first month rent so I can sign the lease for her to live there.

Safe to say since I cannot trust her I will not live with her.


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