Shattered Reflections – Rough Draft Excerpt

Kristina’s Evil Boyfriends

Kristina was a classmate who loved being the center of attention in everything. After being one of the last ones to find out about my father she tried to paint me as the same as him. Often dressing in Gothic dresses she soon threw the charge saying that on a certain day late in the evening my form climbed in to a second story window where supposedly I had my wicked way with her. Now here are some problems that the police had with this story.

  1. I cannot get to the second floor of an apartment building thought the window for I cannot climb well with my bad knee. Nor do I have the ability to fly.

  2. I would have to know where she lives.

  3. I would have had to simultaneously existed in two separate locations at two separate times because I was caught on tv at the last family event where we all went to the baseball game.

  4. One of the two of me would have to leave no trace of my existence despite being there.

  5. One of the two of hypothetical me would need transport and neither of us had cars.

The school backed the police making sure there was no charges that could be charged. I did not want to file against her thinking that people would be understanding, and get a view of the whole situation. She had gone to her exes spinning her year to anyone trying to assemble people who would still believe her. Trying to sweeten the pot she would go out with whomever defends her. Asking if she is somewhat open to sex on the first date two of her exes both nodded their head.

A bunch of hormonal teenagers were trying to get some action, and were trying to put me down as the ticket. Standing in the empty classroom the two guys had been classmates, and had heard of the situation with my father. Being the kind of girl that would only date one person it was clear that my problems were going to come at me single file.

One tried catching me in Japanese class while the teacher was out. Tasting the desktop really got him to learn his place in the grand scheme of things. Next in the line up was a second string football player who tried a tackle got too low taking a knee to the side of the head as a receipt. Exes number three and four tried catching me between classes throughout the next day, but their supposed karate did not handle well against kicks to the jewels.

Each of these guys had things in common. Most of them would be what you would deem the Hipster stereotype. Fad hopping skinny kids that never had to fight for anything or even taste their own blood. They did not understand fights, momentum, or defense better then me, and I wasn’t even that good.

Bryan was the archetype and past boyfriend number five with no experience in anything closely related to physical combat. All he had was a couple of tae kwon do lessons who wasn’t even a yellow belt, but still thought he was Van Damme. He called me out when we were both out of class. Between him getting paper and me getting a soda he tried to strike with an over the shoulder throw.

Making use your opponent has momentum working against them would be a basic thing. Getting them off balance especially when they have a wide base would make it a little easier. I was never taught by someone so I may be missing something about it. In any case this guy couldn’t move someone half my size let alone me. Attempting multiple time to get me off my feet without budging my heels from the tiles on the second floor hallway. Pulling his arm worked like a a ripcord spun him in to position grabbing him from the shoulder and his waist band before shooting his weight up before pulling him horizontal before he hit introducing him spine first to the marble tile.

Sitting out allowed the mass to get just a touch more speed before lowering the boom. The sound of the impact echoes off of the empty halls making it seemed like I was using a wrecking ball instead of another human body. He didn’t move from where he landed, and I thought it was enough. Besting someone whose down wouldn’t do me any goo. Looking to the ceiling the familiar sight of a half a black orb of the security camera. Shifting my sight down the hall there was one within ten feet. Between the two of them it had to be captured on video making it much harder to get rid of evidence. Four cracked vertebrae was the damage from that single bomb, and he was pissed. His parents were furious unsurprisingly that no charges were filed with authorities. Being physically provoked allowed me to fight back with any hand to hand technique, and a judge who was quoted in the local paper that after one attack I stopped stopping any charges of overdoing it. Exhibiting restraint in an emotional situation allowed me to be defended legally.

Knowing that you have a brittle back going in to a fight did not make your attacker responsible for the injuries provided they stop when they realize the opponent is no longer able to continue.

The principal was happy with the outcome, but he had also noticed that my issues with other students was noted by a constant hour of detention. Kristina’s whole situation was the icing on the cake while a portion of the student body between what was known about the family, and my own actions were vehement about me.

Our school district had a secondary school where a lot of the problem students go. Various other violent students, party girls, past gang members, and some current ones. The company needed someone to help the faculty, and the learning system was more acceptable to pace of learning. It also meant getting up later and leaving sooner was important because there was still times at night I had to be up.

Giving it a crack for a year it was clear that a possible that I could catch up on credits. What they meant as more accepting was really a self driven learning strategy. Each semester of credit was comprised of five packets of work and a test after each packet. New students had an option that challenged the packet of work. Passing the test with at least 80% meant you could challenge again while scoring under 80% meant you now had to commit to the work in every packet for every class while you were still there. Problem students filled the school from the various party girl, gangbanger, and other violent student groups meaning that business would still be booming.

If someone felt that the work was wasting their time then they would gladly use the challenge often times finding out that they had just wasted their only chance to skip such pains in the neck. Agreeing to go it wasn’t long before Harper joined me for the trip. His own grades were not much better, and after hearing where I was going he inquired about trying it as well. Finding a bus route was easy enough as there was a stop less then a block away all I had to was get there on time and get my work done.

During this time if there was anything that could be found out that would be useful in my opinion then I could use the phone in the office, and just dial an extension. He knew there would be some things that student was more privy to hear then a teacher no matter how attentive the students were. The secondary school had a set of downsides to be sure. Knowing I was not affiliated with any of the drug pushing gangs made it a little easier to swallow with the fact that it was hard to intimidate me even to the point of getting in to stupid fights. One of the pluses that really got my attention was detention would be wiped from the record with no way to get it there. They just did not have the room so what would get detention would just get you sent to the study room making it easy just to get things done.

Knowing my friend would be there made it better Everything was set on me going for my junior year to catch up on all the classes that were just to much work for to little pay off. More business could be done for my fellow students, and I could do other things that meant I never had to go home

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