Politics. In America.

Before we get in to the mudslinging let me just start by stating I would rather get smacked around by the angry spirit of Bruiser Brody before actually thinking what my vote will go to. It just doesn’t seem like there really is any use. It is clear that anyone that has been a politician before does not deserve it. Maybe some do, but it has just been my experience that really they get paid to much, have too many benefits when most people are scraping to get by. All of this is my opinion mind you, so with that if you feel I am wrong then please explain in the comments.

I mean in what other field can so many people argue over so much and get so little done. What is done sometimes is useful, but in many cases people are being politicians for decades with nothing to show for it. In any job you would be fired and pushed to the unemployment line.

People have asked me multiple times how I am going to vote, and where we normally go in to a fairly political conversation I have to answer truthfully.

“I would rather stick my head in an ice block then either one.”

Because as someone who has done a little bit of volunteer work and a lot of just doing stuff out in the cities. It does not take long to find out there are some serious problems that are not being touched because it isn’t sound with someone’s reelection strategy.

One of the other things that get me, and maybe someone can correct me on this is how can we keep making new laws every year without at least removing some. What if laws contradict each other. What if one law needs another to be there to work. Why does it take a sacrifice of your soul and at least four years to start understanding the laws that should be fairly easy because we all have to abide by them.

So who am I voting for?

Who really cares because after all I will be the one making the world a better place. Best option I would think, but if you want to talk politics you can leave your opinion in the comments. Back to work for me and hope you have a good day.




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