Drinking time

After a long day working, writing, working on business plans and just overall tiring myself out I like to have an adult beverage. My roommate tends to join me in such ventures and I thought I should share what we have going in the cups when we try to change the world from our little apartment.

Kraken’s Revenge:

2 shots Kraken rum, 1 shot Triple Sec, 1 scoop vanilla bean ice cream, top with the root bear of your choice.

Comrade Kraken:

2 shots Kraken, 1 shot Triple Sec, a half cup of root beer before topping off with heavy cream.

Redneck Margarita

2 shots Patron Orange, half a capful of cream de menthe, a cup of Mountain Dew and top off with ginger ale .

It should alwys be said to drink responsibly. It is never fun when you get hung over. I have more coming this week but let’s get some fun going before we get to the meat of the matter for the week.I just thought that as goofy as it is to try these out if you have the time.

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