Venting -How is this okay

I had to tell my three year old niece. That her father canceled his visit and now she thinks god is mad at her. I am not a religious man by any means, but trying to tell a small child one of her parents couldn’t come see her without telling her how much he really does not want to see her just makes me sick.

While I have been writing on my projects I also deal with my niece and nephew some times just so they have some kind of a good influence in their lives with their father being a waste of breathable air. My brother and I have helped where we could. While he was training at the gym and while I was writing and studying we both watched the kids.

I just had to tell a three year old child that her father who gets supervised visitations from the state has not seen his kids in three weeks. His parents think that is just fine, and he can spend all the money they want without even thinking of the kids. This is why I cannot have kids of my own because I nearly wanted to introduce their skulls to the ground and plant them like a tree.  It makes me enraged and this past week I have just had to calm down about it. This week instead of writing or studying something I have been playing Fallout 3 to vent. Started this week from scratch and now I am just about level 16 where the cap is 20.

Sorry for the disappointment, but I am still quite hot under the collar so have a good week.

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