Excerpt – Time, Fire, and Cuisine

For some reason this salad is on most of the menus I see so after a while I just broke down the plates in to numbers I can handle. Having the walnuts made in larger batches means you can play with them in other things like cereal or your go to grazing snack. For those who do not like blue cheese then I have used a good brie as a substitute and a little more salt on the salad overall to balance. Salads really get the short end of the stick because to do it well you must compose a dish without so many of the long cooking methods found in normal entrees.

Revising wise I think my grammar could be done by a sixth grade who just had his first Jack and Coke but that’s okay because it will be a funny point to start from. Everyone should have that point where they start a project where they can look back and just laugh at how bad it was with their friends.

November 6th – Blue pear salad

For the greens you want equal parts of mache and arugula lettuce as well as whole spinach leaves. Check all of it for rotting bits as well as bugs before putting it down to work on the rest of your items. You can do this in a main bowl where everything else will be added or you can save it all in different smaller containers so you can toss it all and go quickly later in the day.

1:1:1 Arugula to mache lettuce to salad spinach

In the case of the vinaigrette you want to use your best oil and vinegar. A good pair to shoot for is a virgin or extra virgin olive oil matched with either champagne or balsamic vinegar. Each will work with the other ingredients. Make sure to whisk it or even build it in your food processor to keep longer before breaking.

3:1 Good oil to champagne or balsamic vinegar

Mix well before putting away. Add some walnuts to the amount of a quarter of the total greens. Before adding them straight to the greens you can candy them with a mix of butter and brown sugar in the ratio of six to one. Melt the butter before tossing your sugar in to dissolve.

4:1 Total greens to walnuts

6:1 Butter to brown sugar to candy your walnuts

Next take some blue cheese to half of your walnuts to add some salt to the dish. Make sure to not burn your nuts as you candy them.

2:1 Walnuts to blue or Gorgonzola cheese

Toss everything together before topping and enjoying. Finish everything with pear fans cut on top.

Did an extra one since summer is coming around a nice salad wouldn’t hurt.

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