The year we had. What will be next.

The holidays are coming and we have had a year.  Here are some of the events just from my own memory.

Lost a roommate and an apartment due to my roommate turning into a financial irresponsible stoner.

Lost my job due to my job not being able to pay on time.

Practice my writing more then in recent memory.

Brother got in a hit and run.

Siblings tried acid for the first time provoking to a bad trip.

Got a better job to fund a new apartment.

Got a newer car after my sister had scrapped my old one in spite.

My family had overreacted to a medical crisis of my sister.

I had to work through a cellulitis incident that made my legs in to a pair of bumpy water balloons for a couple months.

Got more then forty different certifications on

Got to play in a MTG Grand Prix.

Got started on a text based computer game.

Got started on a free card game and nearly done with all the rough sketches.

Got started on a youtube channel.


I didn’t get to my goals. But the good things about goals is that they don’t have an expiration date unless you put one on.  So you all enjoy, and I will see if we can get something more done.


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