What is ugly?

So I had something surprising happen. I was riding on the bus one day going to work. I was caffeinated, the sun wasn’t in my eyes and I didn’t have a headache. That wasn’t the surprising thing though.On the bus we had made a stop to pick a few people up and the first person on was lady with glasses, curly red hair, some weight and a manga. I say some weight because that is exactly what it was. I usually just kinda sit back and relax during the rides. Get a good zen going, but just down the steps from the back of the bus there were these two kids. One with a design that said “cool story, now make me a sandwich, babe” in white block letters against a black background. His friend next to him wore enough red, yellow, and green to make me think he wanted to be a traffic light when he grew up. Just before I go any further I use the term kid somewhat loosely as they seemed to be in their late teens.

She was slowly moving her way back before she was in a seat adjacent to me. Me snapping out of blissful zen actually made me realize the difference the manga in her hand one I had been familiar with. Got a conversation going which she seemed to enjoy the subject and the conversation began to find its way around the nerd turnpike of topics before a comment just outside of our conversation caught my ear.

“Now the fat bitch is hanging out with another cracker.” Turned my head automatically I think it was at such speed that I cracked my neck.

She actually told me that they have been saying that to her every so often not to worry about it. The statement was wrong on so many levels and it bothered me a little explaining that she was not an overweight female dog in a heat nor was she unpleasant and that I was not a cracker. I was big enough to be considered the entire saltine box. Which got her to laugh and she got off at her stop a couple minutes later after a little more small talk. The kids shut up because they never had to deal with someone with a minimum of one brain cell over what they were sporting around between them (that would be 3 for those bad at math) Which really got me to think about beauty.

I think about beauty in the art snob sense when it means having to draw them up as a picture or etc. More then my actual doodling or something simple then I normally work with. Everyone has positives and negatives me included. I have been told my dark eyes are good and my smile is not my face has caught to many things at high speeds and that is okay. If I want to show off my best features I won’t be smiling, but still happy or use something more focused on my eyes. Everyone has those positive features and maybe you fell down a tree one day and hit every branch on the way to the bottom there is still something. In my personal opinion it is lacking all positive looking features that we can call someone ugly. Here is what the dictionary thinks.


adjective \ˈə-glē\

: unpleasant to look at : not pretty or attractive
: unpleasant to hear
: offensive or disgusting

Seems pretty simple. But there are some that may think that everything that does not fall in to a small select group is unpleasant so let us dive deeper in to the word unpleasant.


adjective \-ˈple-zənt\

: not pleasant or enjoyable : causing discomfort or pain
: not friendly

I am going by the most popular definition according to Merriam and Webster. Everyone should really check out the first meaning. Not pleasant or enjoyable : Causing discomfort or pain. Here is where people use the word incorrectly because I have had a lot of uncomfortable and painful experiences, but I have never had met a person who causes me discomfort or pain flat out by just looking at them. Let it be known that the language of stupidity is one I try to forget, and do quite well until properly incensed or energized like a rabbit on a coffee run. So instead of telling how someone’s negative traits suppose we think for a moment and wonder what is a positive one of that person. Then maybe less people could be hurt by erroneously chosen words.

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