The idiot look

So me and my old roommate had this little system as he believed I was a little too blunt on his less then stellar ideas or he didn’t want to come out of his room because he was that lazy. He will ask a friend when they are over to ask me something concerning a situation and give me the answer in his stead making everything a great game of telephone. Before everything could get from my actual dissection to purple monkey dishwasher their was soon a signal that I had developed. Now many times as long as there is reasons behind it that make some modicum of sense or fall behind strong religious level beliefs I would not give much care. Back then though I was a bit more aggressive in my procedures being labeled from my chef at about this time as “a new Lewis Black”. Ranting annihilation of all the points that held this plan together until it turned more into a smoky crater on the landscape.

It all started off with this one look and I hope everyone out there has one of these looks. The look when you were just confronted with something so awe inspiringly dim that you had a reflex to produce this. Moments when you wonder when the bar is open or when you can go take a nap. Mine has me pinch the bridge of my nose take a deep breath and start wondering where I can get a soda, break, and a good whiskey. My knuckles rest against my forehead. I just let them see me do that, and they know the answer.

My family has even noticed this look with a couple times where I couldn’t answer straight away vocally. Which happens when it is ingrained as deep as your morning rituals. So my question is when you are getting that feeling of being surrounded what is the look on your face that helps communicate the stupidity of something? What qualifies as stupid to you?


Everyone should have one of those looks because it is something that can really save your day when you find yourself surrounded by the spirits of stupidity.

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