Happy “something” day!

I guess there should be some kind of a purpose to this thing. In all honesty all that this is here for is to help me with my skills as well as create a timeline of progress in my various projects. I have not been to college outside of culinary school and a little art school. I am not a tech oriented guy and in fact most of my repair jobs usually start off with a hammer before moving in to bigger items to hit it with.

In today’s age though learning about tech will help me in various projects which will be noted here. There are a lot of projects, but I really want to do something great. To achieve that goal I need to constantly learn.

Some of the projects that are going on right now.

Zazzle store – Just somewhere to sell my designs as well as give a reason to learn more about advertising.

Gaming – Me and three friends play a myriad of games and we are working our way in the better leagues. Me and one of my best friends have made it to that level before in a couple games so now we want to expand our skills as well as our pocketbooks. On top of that we want to do let’s plays together.

Poker – This is only something when I have spare money, but the various games do fascinate me. Texas hold’ em is the game I am most interested in while anything card related will suit me just fine.

Writing – I like writing and I will often experiment to try different genres and different styles of writing from full fledged fiction to fanfiction and from cookbooks to scientific articles. I just want to get better.

Publishing – Two book projects are almost done. So the publishing process in how I take it will be here. I want to be published and for my books to make money.

Drawing – I went to art school before cooking school. For me to make a something that people like such as comic or a manga or even a weekly web comic would make me happy here. I do have a deviant art which will be linked in future pages

Cooking – I graduated from cooking school and I have done a lot in kitchens. I will have a blog just about food though. If something I think is interesting enough then I will link it here or just post it here as well. My goal in cooking is to constantly grow while discovering new ideas from the past of various cultures.

Blogging – This blog will be just to keep a hub of everything I am doing. I do want to get better at it. Making money would be nice in a perfect world except I am not expecting it. I just want to see if I can create a professional blog ( my food one which will be built along side this one)

Audio editing – Just want to get better at it and random audio files will be on youtube among other places.

Video editing – Because audio and slides on youtube just sucks.

Physical – Getting in better shape is the goal, but I have gotten in to some fun times just because of the wild hair in the right spot. So if i do something interesting it will show up here.

I have a lot on my plate. It will always be worth it to try though.




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