From the A Burning State

Yup, Oregon it is not fun. In any case here are some tips if you find yourself ready to bolt.

Get packed. Take a bag for each of the people leaving and have it as ready as can be. Mine is laying with just enough space for my laptops and tech gear, I can toss them and run if needed. Clothes, papers, cash, etc. make it as much as you can. Take another bag for snacks and make sure to take a whatever is needed for the pets. Sounds like a lot but the point is to have the packing almost completely done so that at moments notice during disaster you can bail.

Gasoline may be hard to get if you try to leave with the crowd so having the tank on your car filled is going to be important and if you have a spare then you want to fill it before you need it. Make sure you get some snacks and drinks that would keep you going during the however long drive to get to a safe place.

If you are going to be in the cross hairs of some harsh weather or a disaster then you need to go do it now. Stop reading and go get it done, if you feel that you need to there is no reason to push it off. Disasters are going to make life miserable and do not expect for the state or your insurance to move quickly but it is still important to go and gather the resources now.

Done? Good, this is more of a post that is useful for anyone in a situation they may need to move from so this could be us in Oregon at this time, the gulf coast every hurricane season and a litany of anything else.

You may not have a place to go but it will be easier to go from a car then if you have no way to get out. Take it day by day when you are on the road and remember to take something to relieve stress, a favorite book or something because it will be the difference from a breakdown and staying strong, small things add up quickly in such situations.

The reason I write all this is because it is the simple things that will save you or make your day much worse. Take care of the details and stay strong in your life.

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