The Brink of Madness

One thing about this quarantine specifically is you need to find ways to use your time during this period or you will find yourself going cuckoo for cocoa puffs. People often do not know the certain strength can be found within sometimes more then you ever thought possible based on the simple admission that you survived it.


After Seth Rollins had his knee injury because I thought it fit. 

Going through this there will be times where you will be at wit’s end. Stretched to insanity but much like great martial artists this trains the mind, if you make it through the exercise. Considering how many of us are still locked down or barely getting out of it this could very well be something useful.

You learn what you want or are ready to do so with how comfortable you are in learning or acting on it. Trained eyes from nights trying to spy shelter from danger will notice flaws without guilt because that is simply what is needed to survive.

Body power used to much higher fatigue with a spirit to motion will curry you closer to goal then you thought possible and what scares a lot of people the most when you go to sleep despite everything you may be fatigued Pleasantries can be pushed much further apart with smaller steps feeling more momentous because it is progress.

Night after night of near exhaustion just carrying my bags having been shunned out in the cold. Doing everything from rationing food stamps to just trying to get the family to see the reason of the mistake they were making. (Hint: They never did)

What is the secret? How do you take homelessness, or even lock down, or any moment and keep focused?

First, you need to be okay with saying that something sucks. People need to be aware and to grapple with a situation honestly, and it is okay to say that you aren’t happy for one reason or another, this does not mean having a tantrum but just accepting the situation.

Next after that and expressing some emotion you need to create a plan, what do you need to do and what will be needed to pass the time. Skills you wanted to learn, abilities you want to practice, physical capabilities you want to train. These things are where you can sink your time and come out of it better and having it being in things you are excited to learn.

Establish a routine, you do not know how much you want that routine until you finally get started. Stick to the routine of bettering yourself and have moments to decompress, eat, and take care of yourself and just take it day by day until you finally get your bearings.

Do not lose yourself thinking about the future. Do what you can break down what is needed to make your time better and let it go day by day where you just worry in the moment and do not hassle yourself with the future until you can do something about it. Making the present as good as possible and enjoying the time is so simple but it is something that you need to keep in mind to make it through.

It is much easier to break down the problem.

Can you run a mile? What about ten steps? Five? You may not do a mile but you can do five steps again and again until you are done. That is the biggest trick, break it down to something small enough that you can easily achieve it and keep going. After that you will be able to come out of this better on the other side.

Sorry I didn’t have another one this week, my health has been quite crap still. Find your hobbies, grow your mind and stay strong.

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