The Past and Future – What is coming

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You just can only do so much in life. I was wondering what to do for my niche and sometimes you just have it run smack into you like you were trying to get some extra yards over the line of scrimmage.

That is when my family decided to get one last knife in my back with their actions. My mother had begun to move back with her divorced husband and my sister who tried to make commands  of what I had to pay that included all my food stamps, the need to get my own food, the need to stay out of the lives of my nephew and niece and how I must do something with my life.

My family has had a lot of issues and with the previous years of my time and health taking care of my mother being ‘worthless’ now according to some of them I basically decided to take a judgment and go without them as the toxic situation was just too much for any person to handle.

SO what happened?

Well, after caretaking for a period of time, my services were no longer required. After deciding to fund my sister’s idiocy. I decided to get out of the toxic situation when they made an ultimatum where they tried to extort me for what little I got.

I was homeless again. In a time where it seems to only  be getting worse especially on the west coast where I was. For some reason though looking up information was spotty at best and what was there was more a political opinion piece which may be an odd complaint considering some of my work even on this blog. When making my own articles though I will do my best to keep politics out until it has to be in because I think some of us are just getting to caught up with our own side without looking at the problem.

I hope you find some of this interesting. More Incoming.

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