Ultimate Warriors Orochi 3: Destroying Armies With My Uncle

So one thing that I used to love about video games that has seemed to be falling out of favor is that of local co op on a system. Having a friend over on a system and playing together while chatting over whatever is on the minds of the people there. Before some can find out about some of the sports games still supporting local co op let me make a note where I can safely say that I have not touched a sports game in about a decade and a half. If I want to play the sport then I will go out and play the sport.

When me and my uncle play video games normally we want to unwind from all the stupid things going on in the world that we don’t understand completely. My friends and I play not to play sports because all of us have played foot ball and basketball with each other and to quote one of my old friends.

“Why play pretend when you can play for real.”

That is a game that has rinsed the bad memories of RE:6 out of my mouth because it is this thing that actually bringing mirth with a simple beat em up style. In this game you control three of a growing variety of warriors to win the battles of various arenas and battlegrounds by completing objectives and executing tactics.

warriororochi 3

This game may seem simple and if you played some of the earlier ones you will find that outside of the basic game play it could be pretty lean in a couple cases. However with all the offshoots of this family you still run the odds that if you pick up one of the samurai/dynasty warrior games that you will pick up a fun one. Warriors Orochi is the crossover line where you can experience a lot of both sides together with a couple surprises tossed in.

Ultimate Warriors Orochi 3 though has worked up on a lot of things including a few more different game styles. Good graphics for so many different character with a greater interest in more of the relationships, weapons, greater range in weapons. As you go through the game you will unlock more characters that although will not be historically accurate may get people actually thinking who the real world counterparts for most of these are. It’s how I got interested in to such things so someone else would have to work the same way, one would think. Plenty of women, plenty of men and all these people are from a lot of different backgrounds so you can always find a couple character to fill out your team.

When you get to the main game play you pick three characters that you can switch with each with their own musou (special power) You can switch between them easily on the battlefield so if you take some damage with one you can pull them until you find healing items with the other two.

I have two teams I normally work around.

Yoshihiro Shimazu, Hanbei Takenaka, and Guo Huai – Normal Crew

Ieyasu Tokugawa, Shingen Takeda, and Lu Bu Have not been found yet but when they do they will be part of my rotation. Because They are great!!

Anyway if you can find someone to play with; this a great game. Going alone it is still a fun game to pick up and a very deep time sink. One to get for your systems whether it is ps3, ps4( like my uncle’s copy) or the Xbox one.

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