How to make bachelor chow

So if you need a cheap meal to not absolutely suck here is what we call ramen which has more salt then anything else you can put in your body outside of a salt brick. It does last a long time. When making ramen you usually drop it in some water microwave it until soft, add seasoning and mix.

Now often times ramen can get very boring so here some tips to help make the meals a little easier to get down. When you cook your ramen in water it rehydrates it however after it gets soft you can continue cooking. I like to saute it in a non stick pan or with a drop of oil to get some color on the noodles before tossing them back in the broth.

Next is the sauce for those who do not know the bullion packet has the majority of the salt and many times you can make a quick sauce to toss with your noodles with.

After you make a sauce you could finish it back in a small amount of broth or just let the sauce do the job in the pan before grabbing a fork and jumping in.

Between making the noodles fried or soft, sauces, and broth combinations you can make thousands of dishes and even whole cookbooks have been written on the subject, but those are the things that can turn a simple ingredient in to something not so boring.

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